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‘AGT’ Alum Josh Blue Drops Audio Version of His Comedy Special “Broccoli”

Josh Blue on the 'America's Got Talent' red carpetPhoto by Amy Sussman/WireImage

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America’s Got Talent alum Josh Blue has recently released the audio version of his stand-up comedy special, Broccoli. With his top-rated antics proven on AGT, Blue guarantees to bring listeners to a ridiculously funny experience.

Josh Blue Releases Stand-Up Comedy Recording of Broccoli

Initially released as a comedy special, Broccoli is described as “exploring the craziest of topics.” The stand-up special runs for over an hour, delving into Blue’s past experiences back home and the future of his career in comedy.

This Denver-based comedian announced the good news on Instagram on October 15. Before, Broccoli was only available in video-streaming platforms including Amazon and Vudu. Today, Blue’s exceptional comedy skills are gracing Spotify and iTunes. Unlike the video, the audio version is broken down into 13 records with one additional track as bonus.

Until now, Blue has not revealed why this comedy special is called Broccoli. Fans may have had their ribs hurting out of laughter because of this comedy special, but they still couldn’t guess the real meaning behind the title.

To those who may not know, Broccoli is a stand-up routine that Blue recorded amid quarantine. Dealing with the pandemic, the comedian found a way to continue stand-up comedy through Zoom shows. These virtual sessions allowed Blue to continue his comedy acts.

Blue is honest in saying that comedy live shows keep him enthusiastic more than virtual meetings. In the traditional setup, a big burst of laughter is a bright energy that validates the comedian’s antics. During Zoom meetings, it became challenging for Blue to get a response after throwing punchlines. Nevertheless, Broccoli is still a stress relieving watch, especially at the height of a worldwide crisis.

New Audio Release Manifests His Humorous Intelligence, Positive Disposition

Since AGT, Blue has been known for poking fun of his cerebral palsy. He regards this type of comedy as a defense mechanism for people’s judgments. He brings out this energy in Broccoli, in hopes of letting people know that people with disabilities can create impactful change.

From the first track to the last, Blue’s banters have consistently been effortless and natural. His timing and delivery are perfectly in sync, undeniably showing his years of experience in comedy.

However, it is understandable why some people do not subscribe to his humor. In one angle, Blue swears too much that it might appear offensive and obnoxious to some. Nevertheless, his humor is indeed something that only a comedian with long and hilarious years if experience can possess.

At present, Josh Blue is busying himself with his ongoing comedy tour which is set to end on December 2 in Walker, Minnesota. With his stand-up comedy routines travelling from one place to another, Blue has successfully broken stereotypes among people with disabilities.

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