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Meet Powerful ‘AGT All Stars’ Singer Jimmie Herrod

Jimmie Herrod on 'America's Got Talent All-Stars'Trae Patton/NBC

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Jimmie Herrod always comes to mind when someone mentions a powerful singer on America’s Got Talent. This season 16 finalist has proven himself to be a very capable singer, whos able to hit every high note. Here’s a closer look at his background and what made him the singer he is today.

Who is Jimmie Herrod?

Herrod is a Tacoma native who now calls Portland, Oregon his home. He is currently employed as a jazz music educator and has been a frequent performer recently.

Herrod graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition and Performance from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts. He also has a Master’s degree in Jazz Studies from Portland State University. He formerly worked at Seattle’s ArtsWest Theater and 5th Avenue Theater.

The aspiring singer has admitted that he had previously been reluctant to perform in front of an audience, but it was his mother who inspired him to pursue a career in music. This has led to Herrod releasing two self-produced albums, Falling In Love and Learning To Love Myself.

Herrod has collaborated with ODESZA, an electronic duo. He also plays as a guest performer on Pink Martini where he is bandmates with popular AGT contestant Storm Large. Herrod and Large have been on several world tours together with Pink Martini. In addition, the vocalist has toured with the Lauderdale band. He also appeared in the National Symphony Orchestra’s 50 Years Over the Rainbow: A Judy Garland Celebration in 2019.


Herrod Changed Simon Cowell’s Opinion About the Song “Tomorrow”

Media mogul Simon Cowell is widely known for his tough way of judging contestants on various reality shows. Although the judge has softened up recently, he still gives a few hurtful comments on performances and songs he doesn’t like.

Herrod is one of the very rare performers that was able to successfully change the judge’s opinion on the song “Tomorrow.” After singing his version of the song, Cowell completely changed his mind, as he gave a standing ovation to Herrod’s performance.

Herrod has proved that he is deserving of the Golden Buzzer from Sofia Vergara, he is one of the rare vocalists that not only impressed Cowell but also changed his perspective. Herrod is an incredibly talented vocalist who and is a welcome addition to AGT All Stars‘ roster of returning competitors.

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