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Looking Back at The Best ‘AGT All-Stars’ Finale Guest Performances

Terry Crews, Adam Lambert, Aidan Bryant, and The Bello Sisters on 'AGT All-Stars'Trae Patton/NBC

The America’s Got Talent All-Stars Finale brought together some of the most talented performers from the show’s history. Along with the finalists’ performances, the finale also featured a lineup of guest performers. From singers to dancers, magicians to comedians, these guest performances added an extra level of excitement and entertainment to the already thrilling finale.

With the next season of America’s Got Talent right around the corner, let’s look back at the show’s spin off from earlier this year. AGT All-Stars brought the best of the best back to the stage, and even invited a few familiar faces back.

AGT All-Stars Finale Guest Performances, Ranked

9. Mike E. Winfield With Terry Crews

One of the most unique entries was comedian Mike E Winfield in a humorous skit with AGT host Terry Crews. Winfield expressed his desire to be a host and follow in Crews’ footsteps, leading to a funny exchange between the two as Crews gave him some advice. Although it wasn’t an onstage performance like the others, it provided a fun and entertaining interlude to the show.

8. Aidan McCann With Matt Franco

Magicians Mat Franco and ten-year-old Aidan McCann went onstage together in a stunning performance on AGT‘s All-Stars finale. Their performance was full of surprises and kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

7. Tom Ball With Voices of Hope Children’s Choir

Tom Ball’s soaring vocals and emotive delivery of Queen’s iconic hit “Who Wants to Live Forever” created a truly breathtaking performance that left the audience captivated. The Voices of Hope Children’s Choir provided the perfect complement to Ball’s vocals, adding their own harmonies and vocal power to create a rich and dynamic sound that was both beautiful and moving.

6. Ana-Maria Mărgean With Terry Fator

The next entry on our list is the entertaining and memorable collaboration between fellow ventriloquist and competitors Ana-Maria Mărgean and Terry Fator. Mărgean performed with her dog puppet Waldo, While Fator brought out his Elvis Presley puppet Maynard Thompkins. They then proceeded to perform a humorous skit that had the audience in stitches, before breaking off into a lively rendition of Presley’s hit song “A Little Less Conversation.”

5. Detroit Youth Choir With Weezer

Legendary rock band Weezer kicked off the performance with their hit song “What Happens After You,” before launching into their classic hit “Beverly Hills.” As they played, the Detroit Youth Choir joined them on stage. Adding their powerful voices to the mix as they provided supporting and background vocals.

4. Power Duo With Lindsey Stirling

Power Duo’s performance consisted of an incredible dance and aerial routine that was both beautiful and awe-inspiring. The duo’s acrobatic stunts were perfectly synced to Lindsey Stirling‘s enchanting violin melodies, creating a performance that was truly mesmerizing to watch.

3. Avery Dixon With Babyface

This touching duet by renowned musician and talented singer Babyface and AGT‘s very own Avery Dixon was memorable. Babyface’s performance of Bobby Brown’s hit song “Every Little Step,” was full of soulful energy and infectious rhythm, while Dixon’s saxophone solos added a jazzy touch that had the audience grooving and dancing along.

2. Kodi Lee With Light Balance Kids

The combination of Kodi Lee‘s powerful voice and Light Balance Kids’ incredible dance skills made for a truly unforgettable performance. Lee opened up with a performance of “Wake Me Up,” by Avicii which continued as the dance group did their routine. Surprisingly, Lee also got to be part of the lively dance routine.

1. Bello Sisters, Aidan Bryant, With Adam Lambert

This eclectic mix of acrobatics, aerialists, and vocals was simply breathtaking. Lambert’s emotional performance of Sia’s hit song “Chandelier” was accompanied by the impressive trio of acrobats, the Bello Sisters all while Bryant soared through the air with seemingly effortless grace and precision.

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