Hannah Everhart Reveals TRUTH About Claudia Conway On ‘American Idol’ & Their Battle That Wasn’t

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Hannah Everhart has been an early standout since her Season 19 audition on American Idol. The 17-year-old from Canton, Mississippi hopped on Instagram live to reveal the truth about her duet with Claudia Conway during Hollywood Week.

Hannah Everhart Reveals How She Really Feels About Claudia Conway

Hannah said that all of her fellow American Idol contestants were originally under the impression that they would be choosing their partners for the Duets Challenge. The judges threw a curveball this season and decided to make the pairings themselves. Hannah was paired with Claudia and to viewers, it seemed like she was unhappy with the pairing.

“For everyone who saw the duet round, I also want to make clear the attitude they perceived me to have was not what it was at all” Hannah began. “It’s reality tv and they can make you out to be anything that they want to be. When I did find out it was Claudia it was not an ‘Oh my god I do not want to be paired with her moment.'”


“When I found out it was Claudia because I did not know her, I was like ‘oh my god who is this? I’m nervous, like are we going to sound good together?'” she added. “And we wound up hitting it off really well.”

During the episode, Claudia went looking for Hannah to practice. Right after they found out their pairings, Hannah went to eat because she hadn’t eaten all day. “They told me to go get food because I was hungry so that’s what I went to do and they happened to come over there with the cameras,” she said. She added that she did meet Claudia’s mom Kellyanne Conway but did not comment any further about their interaction.

Hannah Will Be Performing Live In The Top 24

Claudia was eliminated after their duet, but Hannah moved on to the Showstoppers Round. After her performance of “Wrecking Ball,” she made it into the Top 24. She will be performing live in a superstar duet that you won’t want to miss.

When a fan on Instagram asked her how she is liking Hollywood, she said “it’s definitely not Mississippi” but she is still “grateful” to be there. Though she misses her family back at home, Hannah knows that “dreams take sacrifices.”

Hannah also made it a point to mention the shocking elimination of fan-favorite Murphy on American Idol. “Murphy is bigger than this show and he deserves to be bigger than this show,” she said. “Murphy is an absolutely incredible artist and I see him winning so many Grammy’s in the future. He was more than deserving of this spot in the Top 24, he deserves so much more in this world. He’s beyond this show.”


Hannah encouraged her followers to vote for her in the live shows on American Idol.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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