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David Archuleta Publicly Responds to Homophobic Hate Mail

David Archuleta at On Our Sleeves, The National Movement For Children's Mental Health Hosts A 'Cheers To Kindness'Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for On Our Sleeves

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Since David Archuleta came out as queer in 2021, he has faced hardships while embarking on his annual Christmas Tour. A recent complaint email showed why the singer had mixed feelings about playing in the tour’s predominantly conservative cities.

Archuleta Responds with a Lengthy Instagram Caption

The singer recently opened up about his hardships in a lengthy post. This was all sparked from someone sending a complaint email to his manager. Archuleta fully expressed his feelings on Instagram, where he shared screenshots of the email.

The email details the events that happened midway through Archuleta’s concert, when he opened up about being queer to the Utah crowd. Some concertgoers apparently didn’t like that, including the sender, who claims that some people walked out of his concert.

The author of the email insisted that discussing Archuleta’s coming out experience “ruined,” the concert for other people. He also expressed that Archuleta should just keep quiet about his sexuality as it will help him out going forward.

“This tour hasn’t been the easiest for me to do. A way for me to find peace with it is by being open about my journey,” he wrote. “I am sharing something that I’ve felt I had to keep hidden nearly all my life.”

The singer continued his statement in the caption and comments of the post, defending his stance that coming out as a queer was the right choice for him. Fans of Archuleta showed great admiration for him and expressed that they are willing to give him all the support.

Archuleta Dropped Behind the Scenes of His “Faith In Me” Music Video

Archuleta recently spoke in an interview about his experience filming the Risky Business inspired music video. Earlier this year, Archuleta underwent vocal chord surgery, and his first song to be released following the procedure was “Faith in Me.”

“You don’t always get to see what’s going on behind the scenes, especially what’s initially filmed to what actually becomes the final product.” Archuleta said. “It was so fun to let loose on this song. I feel it was a new kind of therapy for me to dance the way I do in my room at home into a video for everyone to see. It was symbolic.”

Directors of the music video Kevin McHale and Justin Thorne also had a great time filming together with the singer. They shared that they did their best to create an environment where Archuleta can freely perform with his best abilities.

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