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David Archuleta Gets Candid About How Coming Out Changed His Music

David Archuleta at On Our Sleeves, The National Movement For Children's Mental Health Hosts A 'Cheers To Kindness'Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for On Our Sleeves

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Growing up “very religious,” David Archuleta endured a painful and complicated process of coming to terms with his sexuality. Hence, when he stepped away from church, he’s learned to love himself more, ultimately reflecting in his music today.

David Archuleta Recalls Getting Engaged Several Times

In his recent appearance in The Jennifer Hudson Show, David Archuleta opened about the struggles of dealing with gender and religion. Years back, the singer apparently resisted his sexuality in bold ways that he got engaged multiple times.

“For them, everything is about marriage, about being able to marry someone and procreate.” he said.

Conforming to this belief, Archuleta only ended up disappointing the “wonderful” girls he dated. Oftentimes, women would ask him why he’s been cold, to that he couldn’t genuinely answer.

“No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t desire them the way that they wanted to, the way they deserved,” he said.

For those who may not know, he came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in a lengthy Instagram post in June 2021. According to the singer, he’s in the “spectrum of bisexual.”


He Says the Mormon Church Lacks Understanding About LGBTQ+

Before Archuleta finally decided to step back from the Mormons, he tried to explain his situation to their church leaders. However, he realized that his religion lacks understanding about the queer community.

“When I talked to them, it seemed like the assumptions were that LGBT people, all that they think about is sex,” he said. “So people think it’s an evil thing.”

For a long time, Archuleta suffered from a faith crisis and reached a point of suicidal ideation. Later, he understood that his sexuality is not a mistake, and that’s when he started to embrace himself.

Along the process of self-discovery, he finds it interesting to separate himself from his religious beliefs. Nevertheless, he’s been learning to love himself day by day.

How Coming Out Affected His Music

Today, he’s incorporating his newly found liberation in his music. In late August, he released his new single “Faith in Me.”

Archuleta described this track as a “fun up-tempo song about a relationship.” Furthermore, it is about loving “who you are attracted to,” intended to capture the singer’s current disposition in life.

He released the single’s official music video last September. For this release, he specifically aimed to capture a moment of what it’s like “when you’re dancing in the bedroom when no one’s watching.”

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