‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Finale Recap: The Most Shocking Reveal in ‘BGT’ History

Julia Delbel
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Tonight we experienced the jam-packed Britain’s Got Talent Series 13 finale, featuring special performances, big surprises, and the announcement of the series champion. Let’s take a look at everything that went down.

Dave & Finn

Finn made some more predictions in his final BGT performance, including the card David would choose, the photo Alesha would choose, and the word Amanda would choose. After the performance, Dave revealed “Flynn’s Law” had been signed by the Queen and will go into effect on June 8. But that’s not all, the veterinarian who saved Finn’s life was actually in the audience, and he surprised Dave & Finn after their performance!

Flakefleet Primary School

The choir did a space-themed performance of “Rule the World”. It was marginally better than their semi-finals performance (and the hand-walking was pretty cool) but the headmaster really needs to stick to directing the kids instead of inserting himself into their performances. The judges still found it fun regardless, and shout-out to whoever designed the costumes!

Ben Hart

Ben’s final act of the series was based on how he first became interested in doing magic. It was another incredible performance, and the judges said he had a great future in magic and commented on his versatility as suited for both the stage and screen. We are in full agreement with that assessment, and hope to see Ben get a show of his own soon!

Libby and Charlie

The wildcard act did a fun, energetic routine to “Dancin’ Fool”. It wasn’t quite as polished as what we’ve seen them do before, even though it was still really good (especially on such short notice). The judges were all about this mood-boosting performance.


The quartet of magicians did some classic magic tricks and had fun with the judges. Simon said they could improve in some areas, but also mentioned how it’s still very early in their careers and they’ve accomplished a lot by making it to the BGT finals.

Mark McMullan

Mark dreams of making it as a West End performer, so he chose to sing “She Used to Be Mine” from the musical Waitress tonight. He sounded quite nice and the judges were pleased with his performance.

Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan’s performance tonight was a bit of a collaboration with his daughter, Millie, who came up with the idea for the act. It involved Jonathan having to escape from a glass box after being completed covered in dirt, which made Alesha unsure of whether to laugh or cry, but she and the other judges were impressed.

Siobhan Phillips

Siobhan decided to mix things up a little tonight. Instead of singing about being a mom, she performed a song about being a daughter to her own mother. The tune was a little one-note (not literally) but the comedy was pretty funny.


After another amazing mentalism performance, X removed his mask and we finally learned of his true identity: Marc Spelmann, Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer from last season who was eliminated in the semi-finals. The way he tied everything together was truly mind-blowing; forget the suspense of the Series 13 winner; this was the biggest BGT reveal of all time!

Kojo Anim

Kojo stepped up his game tonight and delivered the best performance of the season. The audience was going wild, and Simon was very proud of his Golden Buzzer.

Colin Thackery

Colin performed another love song dedicated to his late wife. The crowd was chanting his name for pretty much the rest of the episode after he performed, and it was clear he was a frontrunner even though we did get the sense it had more to do with his backstory and him being a Chelsea pensioner than his actual singing.

While voting was open, we saw the return of some BGT Series 3 fan-favorites: winning act Diversity and runner-up Susan Boyle, the latter of whom was joined by Michael Ball. Both were celebrating all they’d accomplished in the 10 years since they appeared on the show, and they really did have a lot to look back on; they’re probably the two biggest acts to come out of BGT, aside from maybe Paul Potts. We also found out Susan will be competing on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions later this year! (Yes, it’s happening!)


When it came time for the results, the top three were revealed to be Colin Thackery, X, and Ben Hart. It was then announced that Ben had placed third, and the winner of Britain’s Got Talent Series 13 was…Colin Thackery!

Congratulations to all the finalists, and be sure to check back for updates and recaps of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions!

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