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10 Craziest Novelty Acts in ‘AGT’ History

Julia Delbel

Julia Delbel

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One reason people love America’s Got Talent so much is because it showcases acts you’d never see anywhere else, often ones that go beyond the typical music, magic, and stand-up comedy. Let’s take a look back at 10 of the most memorable novelty acts in AGT history!

1. Dustin’s Dojo – Season 9

This comedy duo’s audition featuring their lampooning of a martial arts demonstration has become an AGT classic. It’s also proven to be one of the most polarizing performances of the entire series, and the verdict of two yeses and two no’s from the judges reflected that.

However, this was the first season in which the Golden Buzzer was featured, so Howard Stern decided to use his on them. But in Season 9 the Golden Buzzer was merely a ticket to the next round instead of the live shows as it is today, and Dustin’s Dojo was ultimately eliminated there.

2. Samantha Hess – Season 10

Samantha is a professional cuddler, and that’s not just her stage title; she really owns a business called “Cuddle Up To Me”. She managed to win three out of four judges over with her audition (everyone except Howard gave her a yes) but received four red buzzers when she made guest judge Neil Patrick Harris uncomfortable during Judge Cuts.

3. The Amazing Christopher – Season 11

We’ve seen quite a few ventriloquists on the show, but Christopher took a bit of a different approach with his puppets. Instead of making them talk or sing, he created a contraption to attach them to his legs via rods and performed dance routines with them. And not just any dance routines, Village People-themed dance routines! He charmed the panel with both of his performances, but was ultimately eliminated during Judge Cuts.

4. Tape Face – Season 11 and The Champions

Tape Face is undoubtedly an AGT legend. He was one of those acts who always stayed in character whether he was performing or not, and his modern-mime skits took Season 11 by storm, resulting in a top 10 finish. On America’s Got Talent: The Champions, he delivered even more hilarious antics and tied for third place in his preliminary round episode.

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5. Jokgu and Aichan – Season 12

Jokgu had the honor of having her rendition of “America the Beautiful” on the piano be the Season 12 opening act and was unanimously sent to the Judge Cuts. Once there, she was joined by her sister Aichan, but since neither of them would play even a single note, they were unanimously buzzed and eliminated from the competition.

6. Nick Uhas – Season 12

Nick comes on AGT with the goal of having his own live science show in Las Vegas, and it certainly seems like he is well on his way to developing a pretty fun one. All the judges love him in the auditions, but in the next round he gets buzzed by Simon Cowell and ultimately eliminated at the end of the episode.

Nick was also the first person to compete on both Big Brother and America’s Got Talent (and was actually eliminated in the second round of both shows!) has also appeared on The TODAY Show, and has his own YouTube channel.

7. Human Fountains – Season 13

The Human Fountains are definitely among the ranks of the most controversial AGT acts. Their ability to spit in such a coordinated fashion takes effort, but not everyone found it funny. They were initially eliminated in Judge Cuts, but were brought back as a Wildcard act for the quarter-finals.

8. Elijah Holt – Season 13

This one is just too silly not to mention. Elijah and his inflatable zebra did some trampoline tricks and the results were fun and hilarious. He was introduced to us and eliminated all in the same Judge Cuts episode, but his performance was joyful and memorable enough to almost want to ignore Tyra’s “don’t try this at home” warning and give it a go ourselves!

9. Yumbo Dump – Season 13

When it came down to it, Yumbo Dump doesn’t really do much besides make various brief sound effects. The real fun of this act is the build-up, rife with catchphrases and mystery (at least at first). They do try to incorporate a bit of a story once they reach the live shows, but are eliminated after three performances on the show in total.

10. Sethward – Seasons 13 and 14

Of course, we couldn’t finish a list of “best of AGT novelty acts” without including Sethward! He’s become a bit of a running joke on the show, auditioning three times over two seasons. Sethward also appeared on ABC’s The Gong Show last year. Like Dustin’s Dojo, a lot of people don’t see the humor in his act, but those that do have enjoyed watching him try to impress the judges again and again.

What was your favorite AGT novelty act? Lets us know in the comments below!

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