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Will Lindsey Stirling, Zurcaroh Return to ‘AGT’ for ‘AGT All-Stars’?

Lindsey Stirling on the 'AGT' red carpet, Zurcaroh on 'AGT'Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage, AGT

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America’s Got Talent‘s newest spin off series AGT All-Stars, has officially begun filming. After not appearing in America’s Got Talent: The Champions seasons one or two, fans are wondering if either Lindsey Stirling or Zurcaroh will finally return to the stage for redemption.

For those who may not know, AGT All-Stars is America’s Got Talent: The Champions, under a new name. Seeing so many beloved acts from over the years come back for one massive competition is going to be something special. But unfortunately, no matter how many acts returned to the franchise, it was inevitable that some fan favorites would be absent.

Will Zurcaroh Join AGT All-Stars?

When we made our list of acts we wish were in the Champions cast, Zurcaroh was in the #1 spot. The dance troupe finished in second place this last season of AGT and delivered a high level of artistry and skill with every one of their performances. So of course, we were very surprised to not see them in the line-up.

Turns out the group addressed this ahead of The Champions on Instagram. The show did invite them to compete, but they had to decline due to life obligations. Unfortunately (and surprisingly given their level of ability) Zurcaroh isn’t a professional company, and involvement in the group simply a hobby for its members. It’s a shame they weren’t able to participate in Champions, but it’s nice to know they weren’t snubbed for a spot!

That being said, we hope to see them accept the invite this year. After being somewhat inactive on social media for the past year, the group has posted multiple videos of themselves. Some would even say that they’re foreshadowing their involvement in the series. At the time of writing, there is no confirmation that Zurcaroh will appear.

What About Lindsey Stirling?

Tons of fans hope to see season 5’s electric violinist Lindsey Stirling return to the stage for the upcoming season. Following the show, she became one of the most well-known acts to come from the franchise, releasing several albums and touring the world with her music.

Lindsey has been a guest performer on AGT several times in the past eight years since she was a contestant on the show but her current level of success made her decline the offer for Champions in the past.

At the time, she explained that her reason behind declining the offer. She more or less explained that she had a bad experience on the show.

“It was really funny because they called me, and I thought maybe they wanted me to be a guest performer or something and I literally, my jaw kind of dropped,” she said in an interview with Build Series. “They were like, ‘We want to invite you back on America’s Got Talent.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you. I don’t mean to be rude, but I would never come back to compete. Like, I’m sorry I do really well on my own now. I tour the world. Thank you, but absolutely not.’ It was a funny moment for me.”


While I totally get why Lindsey wouldn’t want to return to compete on AGT, since the judges were pretty hard on her. I personally don’t believe the way she handled the situation was a good look for her.

For that reason, we believe she won’t appear once again. Stirling is set to embark on her upcoming Snow Waltz Tour on November 17.

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