Answering the 10 Most Popular Questions About ‘AGT’ Alum Angelica Hale

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It’s no secret that Angelica Hale is one of the biggest names in the Got Talent universe. Even though she’s risen to fame, there are still some questions that a single google search may not answer. These are the answers to the biggest questions America’s Got Talent fans are asking.

1. How Long Was She in the Hospital?

Angelica was pretty sick in her younger years. At only four years old she contracted aggressive strep bacteria in her lungs. Her illness quickly turned into double pneumonia. She spent a total of 80 days in this hospital. During this time she had multiple organ failures, including her kidneys which no longer function. Her lungs got worse so she was life flighted to a different hospital that put her straight into their pediatric intensive care unit.

This young singer spent 12 days attached to a extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine that supported both her lungs and heart. During this time she was also undergoing dialysis for her kidneys and plasmapheresis to clean her bloodstream. She was in this PICU for six weeks and survived both kidney failure and sepsis.

2. Did Angelica Find an Organ Donor?

While she was still in the hospital Angelica’s parents were tested to see if their kidneys were compatible, or not. Angelica was able to find an organ close to home, her mom. On September 13, 2013, Eva Bolando donated her kidney to her six year old daughter. After a few days Angelica was already on the road to recovery. Ever since Angelica has recovered, but still attends routine check-ups and procedures.

3. Does She Attend Public School?

With talented kids, there’s always a question of whether they attend public school, or not after their rise to fame. In Angelica’s younger years she attended State Bridge Crossing Elementary School in Johns Creek, Georgia, and some think that she’s been homeschooled ever since. Although we’re not sure if she’s being entirely homeschooled or not, her dad recently posted a photo that suggests she may be attending a public school. Considering Angelica went to Johns Creek High School’s homecoming, I think it’s safe to assume she belongs to this school in some respect.

4. How Did She Make History on America’s Got Talent?

She made history on the series in a few ways, but the biggest is from her age. Angelica auditioned at only nine years old for America’s Got Talent and walked out of the Dolby Theatre as the youngest runner up in the history of the show. She had turned 10 years old exactly a month and a half before being announced as the runner up.

5. Did She Have Vocal Training Growing Up? How About on AGT?

Even with a great amount of talent most stars don’t become who they are overnight. At five years old Angelica Hale started working with vocal coach, Tricia Grey. Although Grey was hesitant to take Angelica in because of her age, she noted that the singer has great work ethic and never took a day off. After the first round of AGT, Angelica’s parents hired former X Factor contestant Tara Simon as Angelica’s new vocal coach. Simon helped Angelica shape her AGT performances via Facetime during the competition.

6. Has Anyone Else in AGT, AGT: The Champions Receive Two Golden Buzzers?

Angelica is one of two acts to receive two golden buzzers on AGT. Beside her on this statistic is acrobatic dance group, V. Unbeatable. This group placed fourth on season 14 of AGT, then went on to win their season of AGT: The Champions.

7. Is There Anyway to Get a Personalized Video From Angelica?

This singer is on the website/app cameo. For only $60 you can get Angelica to wish someone a happy birthday, give a special announcement or even sing! She also is apart of another website called HiNote where she offers to sing full songs for $150.

8. How Old is Angelica Really?

This singer recently got herself into a bit of controversy on social media. While celebrating the new year with her family, she posed with two “2” balloons. Most people identify these balloons with birthdays, so some people thought she was celebrating her 22nd birthday. Don’t worry, Angelica did not just turn 22, she’s actually 14.

9. Where Was Angelica’s Sister Born?

Angelica was born and raised in Georgia, but her sister has a different story. Abigail Hale was born in Santa Monica, California, while Angelica was competing on America’s Got Talent. To this day, Angelica makes it obvious that her sister is one of the most important people in her life.

10. Has Angelica Held Her Fame Since AGT?

This young singer has gone on to maintain her popularity since winning runner up to Darci Lynne in season 12 of AGT. She is often seen singing on her social media and is going to be quite a force to reckon with in a few years. Angelica has already excelled at her skill at a young age and accomplished so much. The sky’s the limit for her so I can’t wait to see what’s to come for her this year.

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