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Fans Think Jenna Johnson Underwent Plastic Surgery After Her Debut as ‘DWTS’ Pro

Jenna Johnson at 2023 Steve Irwin Gala DinnerPhoto by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

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Even Dancing With The Stars pros are not spared from plastic surgery accusations. Most recently, season 26 winner Jenna Johnson have recently been subject of the talk, with fans saying the pro looked distinctly different from her younger years.

Fans Accuse Jenna Johnson of Going Under the Knife

On Reddit, fans have been comparing Johnson’s young face from her present appearance. Upon seeing her then and now photos, people are alleging that the choreographer could have possibly had something done with her face.

“The difference is crazy,” one fan wrote. “She obviously got something done to negate her hooded eyes. The jaw is much larger than before and her cheek bones are much more prominent.”

Meanwhile, one user supposed that if they “didn’t follow DWTS closely,” they would think the two are completely different people. The fan particularly pointed out that the change in Johnson’s eyes made her look “a little odd” from before.

On the other hand, one person claimed Johnson might have done botox, lip filling, and blepharoplasty. Another user tried to analyze Johnson’s face, concluding that the DWTS pro surely installed dental veneers.

“I think people underestimate how much new teeth can change a person’s appearance. Not saying that’s all of it, I have no idea, but veneers really change a face,” the person wrote.

Johnson hasn’t ever publicly addressed whether she’s had plastic surgery or not. Nonetheless, the Utah native has been open about her journey to lose weight. The DWTS previously spoke to Women’s Health magazine about losing “a bunch of weight” due to vegetarian diet.

“I was so low in my iron and protein intake. Once I incorporated protein back into my diet, I started slimming down,” she said. “I was scared of food and had a terrible relationship with it. I would cut something out and then binge on it.”

One Fan Came to the DWTS Pro’s Defense, Called People Out

While a few people subtly defended Johnson in the replies, one particular fan was determined to call Reddit users out for their problematic stance on plastic surgery. The fan commented that people must stop guessing and even getting curious if Johnson reconstructed her face.

“Who cares if she had lip fillers; who cares if she had some eye lid surgery. Just stop! What is wrong with you that you feel so inclined to pick her apart? To sit there and analyze her face and body that tediously, says a lot about you,” the fan wrote.

The person further defended Johnson, stating the dancer only looks “different” because she ate right, changed hair color and length, and got older.

“Lip filler is the norm now, you don’t like it, that’s totally fine but stop picking people apart. Because if the roles were reversed, someone famous gets online and starts pointing out all of YOUR flaws, you’d be pissed,” the fan added.

Johnson is not the only DWTS pro who’s been accused of undergoing plastic surgery. Previously, people on Reddit wrote that Lindsay Arnold needed to “chill with the lip fillers” after seeing her in season 30. Cheryl Burke also opened up about the same topic before, admitting that “it hurts” to see people on social media assuming that she’s done something on her face.

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