Amanda Holden Censored for Profanity on New Game Show


Britain’s Got Talent‘s Amanda Holden is no stranger to pushing the line on national television. From her revealing dresses to her occasional live TV outbursts, Holden always has the audience in the palm of her hand. While appearing on a new BBC game show, the 50-year-old was reportedly censored by the channel’s bosses for excessive profanity.

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Amanda Holden Has ‘Got The Mouth Of A Trucker’ Says Game Show Co-Star Jimmy Carr

Holden is set to appear on the new game show, I Can See Your Voice this weekend on BBC One.


Already, her co-star on the new program, Jimmy Carr, spoke out over her crude discourse during taping.

“Amanda Holden is a tiny, petite little thing and she looks very fancy, but she’s got the mouth of a trucker. She’s pure filth,” he said. “We had to edit round her with this show.”

I Can See Your Voice start date and first look at new BBC One show revealed  | TV | TellyMix
‘I Can See Your Voice’ airs on April 10 on BBC One (Picture: BBC)

Reportedly, some of Holden’s comments won’t make it into the final cut due to the show’s air time before the 9 p.m. watershed.

‘I Can See Your Voice’ Gets UK Version

The I Can See Your Voice format first aired in the U.S. on Fox and later in South Korea. The show sees celebrity panelists guessing good or bad singers without the opportunity to hear each contestant actually sing.

Now, the BBC will air a UK version set to air this weekend.

VIDEO: I Can See Your Voice: Trailer – BBC Trailers

The show will be hosted by Paddy McGuinness with Alison Hammond, Jimmy Carr, and Amanda Holden as the first season’s celebrity guest panel.

“I was like, how is this going to work? And then for some reason, it just worked like a jigsaw,” Hammond said during an online Q&A session.

Carr, also appearing on the show’s first season, called the premise behind the show ‘fresh and different.’

“It does feel like the BBC are doing some things that are kind of quite surprising in commissioning,” he said.

Jimmy Carr in Singapore: "I don't think I have any great desire to be  remembered" | Buro 24/7 Singapore
Comedian Jimmy Carr will appear on the new BBC game show (Picture: NBC)


“It really feels like this is a weird choice of people and it really works and it feels quite fresh and different because you’re not expecting to see these faces together and part of it is the mix” he said. “It’s really like, ‘Ah ok, that’s a bit different.’ It’s nice.”


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