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‘AGT’ Judge Howie Mandel Goes Wild on TikTok

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Howie Mandel is the sometimes grouchy, always funny judge on America’s Got Talent. Over on TikTok, Mandel takes his content to a whole other level. The comedian has zero boundaries on the video sharing app. His 8.9 million followers have even established inside jokes about the 65-year-old’s odd videos and a bizarre conspiracy theory.

Howie Mandel is a Completely Different Person on TikTok Than He is on ‘AGT’

Mandel is clearly very different in front of the NBC cameras than he is when taking videos on his own phone. Never in a million years did we ever think we’d see Mandel post a video solely of a goat’s backside with “Ballin” by Juicy J playing in the background. If you think that is strange, it gets weirder. In a stitch video with Dr. Phil, Mandel describes some oddly specific advice that his mother gave him.

“I’ll never forget that my mom told me ‘it’s really hard to get office supplies out of your butt in the winter during a snowstorm,'” he said.

Mandel’s past TikTok posts include an upside-down video eating spicy Funions and laughing like a hyena. Other videos feature the tiny plastic hands that Mandel always uses to combat his OCD. In one video he sticks one up his nose. In another video, he places one directly on top of a cream cheese bagel. Through a slew of dad jokes and dancing TikTok’s with Heidi Klum, Mandel has really established himself as a top celebrity creator on the platform.

Fans of Mandel were not used to his TikTok antics in the beginning. He posted a video making a craft out of a brown paper bag. He used a pencil to write on the paper bag and pointed to the letters “SOS.” A rumor started that he was being held captive and sending out messages to his followers using secret signals. Mandel finally addressed the conspiracy theory in a separate TikTok assuring fans that he had not been kidnapped.

Some of Mandel’s TikTok followers cannot believe “this is the same dude who decides who has talent.” Another fan wrote that Mandel seems like he has “gone to the Twilight Zone.” Maybe he’s just using TikTok as a way to be his true self. Most celebrities have shown off a whole new side of themselves on the app like Doja Cat, Lizzo, and Adam Levine.

Why Does Mandel Act Different on Television?


AGT is a family show even if some of the raunchier acts may seem to forget that at times. Mandel is a little limited in what is appropriate for him to say on television. We have definitely seen him bring the funny to the show over the years. It just always comes in mild doses.

We’ve also seen Mandel go undercover in a bunch of disguises to prank AGT contestants. He’s had some memorable lines on AGT like “beauty is in the thighs of the beholder” and “twerks for me.” Over the decade that he’s been on AGT, viewers of the show have learned that there is no bigger fan of his jokes than himself. He always giggles whenever he makes a pun or a dad joke.

Mandel’s TikTok content might be too much for NBC, but that’s OK. He has plenty of fans on the platform that love his content. The fact that he has zero rules or restrictions makes him even more entertaining. If you want to see videos of Mandel using a toilet plunger to remove belly button lint, check out his TikTok. If you want to see a more tame side of him where he gets a bit cranky, AGT is the perfect show to watch.

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