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10 Times ‘America’s Got Talent’ Forgot It’s A Family Show [VIDEO]

Jill O'Rourke

Jill O'Rourke

Men With Pans AGTNBC

America’s Got Talent is generally the kind of show you can watch with your whole family. However, sometimes it seems to forget it’s family-friendly, and features raunchy, inappropriate, or downright scary acts.

Check out some of the most eyebrow-raising moments from the show below, including nudity, suggestive dance moves, dirty jokes, and a few things that might give you nightmares.

When ‘America’s Got Talent’ Wasn’t So Family-Friendly

Men With Pans

In 2017, these two men made themselves out to be a cooking act. The audience was shocked when they came out naked, covering their privates with frying pans. “I saw too much just now!” host Tyra Banks declared at one point as they moved the pans around. The show even had to censor things!

Sacred Riana

This is arguably the scariest act America’s Got Talent has ever had. Sacred Riana is an Indonesian magician who brings a horror-movie flair to her performances. Her creepy movements, eerie silence, and sinister tricks even scared grown-ups like judge Mel B, so we imagine there were at least a few kids who found it frightening.



This strange act has auditioned for America’s Got Talent multiple times. During one audition, Sethward dressed as a caterpillar and emerged from his cocoon as a butterfly, and the crowd apparently got an eyeful. “You have a hole in your stockings,” judge Heidi Klum told him at the end of his routine. The show censored things, but we have to wonder what the people in the studio saw.

Celina & Filiberto

This couple proved you’re never too old to dance dirty. They shocked the judges with their spicy routine, which involved some very suggestive hip thrusts. “This is a family show!” judge Mel B declared after buzzing them. “Not anymore!” Simon Cowell replied.

Brandon Coprich

This flautist shocked the audience when he turned his routine into a deleted scene from Magic Mike. He stripped down to the sound of “Pony” by Ginuwine and moved his hips to the music while using the flute as a stripper pole. Simon was so bothered by it, he pushed all the judges’ red buzzers and walked off. Host Terry Crews then joined Brandon for a shirtless duet.


Marina Mazepa

Although this contortionist had some pretty sexy (and kind of scary) moves, it was actually judge Howie Mandel’s comment after her performance that made things inappropriate. After Simon criticized the act, Howie remarked, “One man’s boredom is another man’s dream. I’m happily married, but I feel like I just cheated!”

Josh Orlian

This 12-year-old stand-up comedian shocked the judges with his raunchy material. The audience was so flabbergasted, they gasped at his jokes before he even said the punchline. His material involved bits about nut allergies and sword-swallowing. (Fill in the blanks yourself.)

Naked Man From Japan

This performer called his act a “traditional Japanese tablecloth performance.” No one was expecting him to take off his clothes and end up lying naked on the ground with teacups covering his privates. “What the bloody hell was that?” Simon asked afterward.


Ray Jessel

This 84-year-old singing comedian performed an original song about a woman with a penis. The audience and judges were amused by it, but the performance has actually been called transphobic by many viewers. GLAAD even issued a statement about it, and America’s Got Talent reportedly removed the video from it social media, although it can still be found on YouTube.

Joanna Kennedy

This performer touted herself as a “passion and intimacy expert.” During her audition, she paired host Nick Cannon with a woman from the audience and talked them through how to kiss each other. “Should the kids leave the room?” Howie asked. All four judges ended up buzzing the awkward act.

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