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Simon Cowell Blasts Howie Mandel for Being Mean to ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestants


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Forget about Jim Carrey and meanie Simon Cowell. America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel is actually the Grinch. Mandel’s bad attitude was apparent throughout the second half of tonight’s jam-packed episode. The show even went as far as to edit Mandel’s skin green. Is Mandel taking Cowell’s spot as the brutally honest judge?

Howie Mandel Becomes the New Simon Cowell on ‘America’s Got Talent’

During jump roper Thomas Evans’ act, Mandel was a total grouch. He remarked that he sees people attempt tricks like this at the gym. All of the other judges were impressed at his skills and concentration. Mandel hit his red buzzer which came as a massive shock to the other judges. The same was the case for aerial artist Lea Hinz. Mandel called her out for not wowing him with her routine.

“If you’re going to spin, you’ve got to spin faster than we’ve ever seen,” he said.

Bob’s Dance Shop was another act that brought the mean side out of Mandel. He hit the red buzzer for literally no reason. The group was actually fun and full of energy.

“This is my Bob,” Mandel said pointing to his red buzzer. “This is my self expression.”


Cowell Gives a Speech About Mandel Being Rude

Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara did not like all of the negative energy that Mandel was putting onto the contestants. They kept telling him that he was being way too mean and in such a bad mood. Things appeared to look up when 20-year-old singer Tory Vagasy hit the stage.

Tory works as a party princess for kids’ parties. She has been loving singing and musical theater her whole life. Her dream is to be on Broadway someday and feels like America’s Got Talent is the perfect place to start. Tory gave us our second dose of “Into the Unknown” this season. T.3 performed the song for their audition too. Tory’s rendition was a hit with all of the judges, or so we thought.

Mandel was still green while watching this act but this was about to change. He was even smiling while Tory sang. His green appearance diminished after the performance. Vergara told her that she should be on Broadway. Klum echoed this sentiment. Cowell said everyone is trying to get record contracts right now and people have to “cut through the noise.” He does see huge potential in Tory.

“You have the energy, you have the stage presence, you check every box, but honestly I don’t enjoy that kind of music so for me it’s a no,” Mandel said.

The audience began booing and Cowell advised them to boo louder. In the most ironic moment in the show’s history, Cowell gave a speech about how everyone should stand up to mean people like Mandel. Cowell has become more of a softie since having a kid, but we can’t forget his brutal comments in the past. After the big hero speech, Mandel definitely cooled down for the night.


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