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Bad Dog Casper! Don’t Take Over Our ‘America’s Got Talent’ Act

AGT Casper and PamNBC/ YouTube

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Casper the singing dog, and his owner, Pam, have stolen America’s hearts during their America’s Got Talent audition. But now, Casper is ready to steal the show. Casper and Pam auditioned for AGT on June 22 when they sang “All By Myself” for their audition. Pam started off the audition by saying that Casper loves singing back up, but not anymore!

Casper, Wait Until Your Part!

Since their audition, Casper and Pam have been preparing for the judge deliberations, and posting on social media… A LOT. We’re definitely not complaining!

It seems like even in their rehearsals, Casper enjoys singing Pam’s part.

“Casper you want to come in on the chorus of ‘Someone Like You’? Lets do it,” said Pam before beginning to sing the song. Casper soon decided that he didn’t want to come in on the chorus, he wanted the verse.

Their act isn’t just singing, it’s also the fun bickering between the two of them, which we hope to see more of on the AGT stage. Their act is enough to bring a smile to your face automatically.

Pam and Casper have 365,100 followers on TikTok. These followers definitely agree that their act is enough to bring a smile to your face. The duo began posting videos like these in February 2020, and have gained in popularity since.

Casper and Pam are hilarious on and off of the America’s Got Talent stage. With the amount that they post on social media, it’s clear that they truly love what they do. Will this dog-mom duo make it to the end of America’s Got Talent this season? We sure hope so!

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