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10 Crazy Fights That Broke Out on Talent Shows

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One thing that makes talent shows so entertaining is the constant drama. Over the years, viewers have seen some of the craziest fights between contestants and the judges that have since gone viral. Punches have been thrown and glasses of water have been spilt in 10 of the most explosive on-camera talent show fights ever.

10 Craziest Talent Show Fights Ever

1. Ablisa Throws Punches on ‘The X Factor UK’

Fists were flying by the end of friends Abbey and Lisa’s The X Factor UK audition in 2010. Their stage time didn’t get off to a great start, as they called judge Louis Walsh an “old man.” The audience began booing them before they even started singing. After telling the audience to “shut up,” Ablisa stormed off the stage. They came back out to sing and were met with more “boo’s.” The pair made rude comments at the judges and Abbey had enough. Before leaving the stage, Abbey punched Lisa in the face. Ouch!

2. Gary Barlow Throws Shade At Tulisa on ‘The X Factor UK’

After contestant Christopher Maloney finished his performance on The X Factor UK stage, Tulisa gave him harsh feedback. She also turned to address Gary Barlow to give him feedback too. While Tulisa ripped into Barlow for his contestants song choices, Barlow looked like he was ready to fall asleep. He decided to embarrass Tulisa on live television and make a comment about her cigarette breath. Tulisa battled back by telling Barlow to “lay off the red wine.” Is wine breath or cigarette breath worse?

3. Simon Cowell Gets Heated with Mason Noise on ‘The X Factor UK’

Mason Noise auditioned for The X Factor UK in 2015. He told the audience to film him during one of his performances which set Simon Cowell off. Mason was mad about his lack of air time on the show when other people got 10-minute time slots. Cowell insisted that if Mason has a problem with the show then he should just leave. Cowell even got so angry that he began cursing and told Mason to “shut up.” Mason refused to apologize to the show’s producers and stormed off the stage. Even though he had this big argument with Cowell, Mason was still chosen to go to the live shows.


4. David Williams Gets Boo’ed By the Crowd on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Dancer David Williams was confident heading onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage during his audition in the second season. Immediately, the audience began laughing at him when he did not know what to do with the microphone stand before starting his act. His dancing earned three red buzzers from the judges. Cowell called him “utterly useless,” a ruthless remark that left David storming off the stage. David went back out onto the stage to apologize but the audience was so over it at that point. Before he left the show, he told the camera to “f*ck off” one last time.

5. Triple Trouble Goes After ‘The X Factor UK’ Judges

Singing trio Triple Trouble auditioned for The X Factor UK in 2009. Their version of “Umbrella” by Rihanna led to a major blow up in front of the judges. Cowell could not stop laughing throughout the performance. Group member George Gerasimou was not very happy when Cowell asked if all of the group members had colds. George told Cowell to get off of his “high horse.” The audience was actually on Cowell’s side. George told the audience to “shut up” before the group stormed off the stage. He threw the microphone on the floor. George returned two years later as a solo act. He cursed the judges out along with the camera crew and the host.

6. Lamar Royal Disses Mary J. Blige on ‘American Idol’

Lamar Royal gave a whole spiel before this American Idol audition about how he will respect whatever the judges have to say. He declared himself to be a huge fan of guest judge Mary J. Blige. Randy Jackson called Lamar’s singing “torturous.” He failed to take the judges criticism and began singing a second time. Blige actually instructed him to find some “humility.” Even though the judges clearly weren’t feeling his audition, he just kept on singing. Security had to escort him out of the building. He went back on his original praise of Blige as he was leaving and said she can’t sing.

7. Sharon Osbourne Drenches Cowell with Water on ‘The X Factor’

Nobody can push Cowell’s buttons like Sharon Osbourne. Cowell suggested for a contestant named Gary on The X Factor UK to take a nap and come back to audition again. When he came back to sing after his nap, Cowell still was not a fan. Osbourne decided it was time for Cowell to finally get a reality check. She poured two glasses of water on his head. Cowell stormed off the set after Osbourne and Walsh put Gary through to the next round. This is still one of the most unforgettable talent show fights of all time.

8. Zoe Alexander Curses Out the Judges on ‘The X Factor UK’

Zoe Alexander had one thing that had The X Factor UK judges seeing double, a resemblance to pop star P!nk. She decided to sing the song “So What” by P!nk. Her performance was stopped midway through. She got a bit defensive saying that she didn’t base her look off of P!nk. The judges struggled with the fact that Zoe wanted to find her own identity but ultimately they felt like they were watching a P!nk tribute act. The gave her another chance and let her sing a second song. But, it failed to impress the judges who once again recommended that she take time to find herself. She claimed the judges told her to sing a P!nk song. She went on a cursing rampage and ran off the stage again, pushing a cameraman along with hitting some equipment on her way out.

9. Larry the Mime Gives the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges a Major Shock

Larry The Mime had one of the most surprising auditions ever, and he definitely brought some major drama. The judges looked at each other in awe as the mime frolicked on the stage and tripped. All four judges quickly buzzed the act. Larry was upset and called Howard Stern a “moron.” Larry ran off the stage and approached the judge’s table as Howie called for security. However, his wig fell off and his true identity was revealed to be none other than host Nick Cannon. Viewers then got to see a montage of Nick sitting through hair and makeup to pull off this disguise.

10. Ian Benardo vs Judges IDOL

Ian Benardo auditioned for Season 6 of American Idol singing “Gloria.” The judges were laughing while he sang in his thick New York accent. Cowell called the act “rubbish.” Ian questioned Cowell’s use of the word rubbish and asked him if he had a working Visa to be there. Ian went on a long rant and security was called. He threw shade at all of the judges and dropped several expletives before leaving the venue. Ian called Cowell a “moron” for kicking him out of the audition. Ian also said he was going to call National Geographic “to let them know that the dodo bird is not extinct, it’s in there and his name is Simon Cowell.”

What do you think is the craziest talent show fight of all time?

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