Contestant Hysterically Starts CRYING After Getting Compared To P!nk — Files A Complaint Against Producers

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Zoe Alexander had one thing that had The X Factor judges seeing double, a resemblance to pop star P!nk. It turns out, her career at the time was actually as a P!nk tribute artist. You would think that being compared to the three-time Grammy winner would be something to be proud of, but Zoe’s audition left her absolutely furious. Watch how it all went down below during her 2012 audition.

P!nk Tribute Artist Zoe Alexander Was Furious With The Judges On ‘The X Factor’

“Doing P!nk is amazing, I love it but it’s a day job. I want to be Zoe,” she said before stepping on stage in front of the judges. “I’m hoping to get a bit of an identity, my own identity,” she said when asked what she hopes to get out of her ‘X Factor’ experience. Tribute acts run in the family as Zoe said her father does a Tom Jones tribute act. Her mother does a Shania Twain tribute act. She brought her parents along to support her. She decided to sing the song “So What” by P!nk.

Her performance was stopped midway through and Tulisa Contostavlos made a remark about how Zoe based her look off of P!nk. She got a bit defensive saying “no I didn’t base it on P!nk.” The judges struggled with the fact that Zoe wanted to find her own identity but ultimately they felt like they were watching a P!nk tribute act.


But, they opted to give her another chance and let her sing a second song. But, it failed to impress the judges who recommended that she take time to find herself. “Zoe it’s a pity because you’ve got a great look. You absolutely look like a pop star, but the vocals were very very average but I think in time you could be fantastic” said judge Louis Walsh. After receiving four no’s and the news she wouldn’t be moving on to the next round, she said. “You told me to sing a P!nk song, I didn’t want to sing a P!nk song. You guys told me to sing a P!nk song.” The judges denied ever telling Zoe to sing a P!nk song but she seemed persistent that they did.

She Filed A Complaint Against ITV

“Zoe it was your audition, and you messed up. I’m Sorry” Louis said. She then left the stage, throwing the microphone down on the ground in anger. But, Zoe returned to the stage hysterically crying with her father. She went on a cursing rampage and ran off the stage again, this time pushing a cameraman along with hitting some equipment on her way out. Nicole Scherzinger called this behavior “inappropriate.” After her audition aired, Zoe filed a complaint against ITV. She said that she was forced to sing a P!nk song and that The X Factor staff told her to dress just like the pop star. She also felt like the footage of her audition was unfairly edited to make her look bad.

Zoe said she was portrayed as a “mixed up idiot and laughing stock” when she went on stage. The complaint was tossed after Ofcom said they advised Zoe to sing a P!nk song but did not force her to do so. Zoe shared a tweet that she and her fans think the footage of the show was edited unfairly.

Where Is Zoe Alexander Now?

Zoe actually recently posted two videos spilling some tea about her ‘X Factor’ audition. She showed off screenshots from the producers telling her to sing a P!nk song and said that pretty much her entire time backstage was focused on talking about P!nk. The comments on her videos are rather supportive and point towards conspiracies that the producers have people develop stories and personas to create more interesting television.

Zoe also has been posting covers of songs on her YouTube channel.


Do you think The X Factor producers had a hand in making Zoe’s audition seem so dramatic and angry?

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Jasper Brasileiro
Jasper Brasileiro
1 year ago

Can I just say Zoe didn’t deserve this? She WAS forced to sing a P!nk song. They set her up. They told her if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be performing. Then they purposefully gave her the wrong time, causing her to show up hours early. Then they got her to sing a second song to embarass her. Finally, when she correctly accused them of what they did, they lied and denied it.


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