Will Simon Cowell Be On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale Tonight?


The America’s Got Talent finale begins tonight and still the question on everyone’s minds is if Simon Cowell will be making his return to television. While Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel teased the possibility of this happening, it still has yet to be confirmed by NBC. Simon has been taking several big steps in his recovery process after his electric bike accident that make his television return seem possible.

Check out the video above where we break down everything that happened after Simon’s electric bike accident and how he responded to the injury. Plus, we give details about his surgery and how Simon could have ended up paralyzed or dead.

Simon Cowell Has Been Working On His Recovery

Simon had a six-hour surgery about six weeks ago to repair the three broken vertebrae in his back. He also had a metal rod place and has been attending physical therapy and regular doctors appointments. “Simon is swimming many times a day to build the strength in his back since the surgery,” a source told People. It was initially reported that Simon has remained rather productive even through recovery. “It was a few weeks before he could get back in a pool after the surgery, but now and for the last couple of weeks, he’s been swimming as much as possible,” the insider continued. “He’s reading a lot and building his muscle strength in his back with the exercise and eating healthy foods but he’s taking it week by week to ensure the post-surgery healing stays on track.”


It was also first reported that Simon was already back up on his feet a few weeks after surgery. He has been using a walker and was determined to get better. “Being able to do things like swimming and taking long walks is big steps forward after an injury like this but he’s doing really great,” the insider said. “Whenever someone visits, he basically seems to want to race them on a long walk in the garden.” Another thing Simon has done is stray from his vegan diet. Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden recently said in an interview with Good Morning Britain that Simon has started eating meat again to gain some of his strength back.

Will Simon Be On ‘AGT’ Tonight?

After the bike accident, Simon was absent from America’s Got Talent tapings. Guest judges Kelly Clarkson and Keenan Thompson were brought in to fill his seat on the panel for two weeks. But still, everyone had hope that Simon would be back at some point. Reports were swirling that his recovery was going well and that he was already back up on his feet. However, there were also conflicting reports that Simon was downplaying his injuries which appeared to be more serious. The finale of America’s Got Talent has quickly approached and the other judges are finally spilling some tea about what we can expect for Simon’s return. “He is going to come to the finale, but do not tell anyone,” Heidi told The Mirror.


“I would not count out seeing Simon again before this season’s end,” Howie Mandel said. Well, the season’s end is here, so the time is now. Whether Simon will be appearing via video chat or in-person remains to be seen. Tapings for America’s Got Talent have been taking place at Universal Studios in California near Simon’s Malibu home. Catch the first night of the America’s Got Talent finale tonight at 8 pm ET on NBC to see if Simon makes his television return.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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