Terry Crews Gives Update On Simon Cowell’s Possible Return To ‘America’s Got Talent’

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America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews talked to Talent Recap after Tuesday’s show, and he shared his hopes for judge Simon Cowell’s return to the show. Will we see him before the end of the season?

Simon has been absent from the quarterfinals as he recovers from surgery following a bike accident that left him with a broken back. Although Kelly Clarkson and Kenan Thompson initially filled in as guest judges, the past two weeks have featured only three judges on the panel.

Terry Crews talks to Talent Recap about Simon Cowell’s health.

Terry Crews Talks About Simon Cowell’s Possible Return To ‘AGT’

Terry told Talent Recap’s Jackelyn Shultz that he checks in with Simon frequently via text, “to make sure he likes what he sees” on the show, and to asks for tips about how to improve things. “No one is more hurt than Simon at the fact that he can’t be there,” Terry added.


“I love him like a brother, and I want him to get better,” Terry said of Simon. “I’m praying for him to get back. And hopefully, before we’re done, I’m praying that he can do like a Zoom with the audience. Hopefully, by the end of this thing, at the finale or something, we’ll be able to see Simon again.”

Terry also shared that he prefers the judging panel with only three judges, as opposed to adding guest judges to fill the fourth seat. “They don’t have the history,” he said of the guest judges, adding that it’s “more respectful” to the acts for the judges to have “been there from the beginning.”

How Is Terry Handling The Social Distancing On Set?

Terry said it’s been unusual not being able to get close to contestants during the show. “It’s wild, because I am a hugger. I am a people person,” he shared. “I get my energy from people, and it’s been miserable being on that set and having to stay six feet away from everyone.”

The host said that “any kind of violation” of social distancing “could actually shut the whole production down.” He called it a “small miracle” that the show was able to return to production during the pandemic.


Terry also reacted to the news that contestant Michael Yo was hospitalized with COVID-19 not long after his audition for the show. He said he wasn’t nervous about having been close to Michael, saying “human connection is necessary.”

“I didn’t know at the time what was happening, and I totally respect it now,” Terry said of his understanding of the virus during the auditions. “But looking back, I’m glad I got my chance to hug everybody … It’s kind of like not knowing was an actual blessing for me.”


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