Prediction: Who Will Win Season 15 Of ‘America’s Got Talent’?

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Night two of the America’s Got Talent season 15 finale is fast approaching. After last night’s amazing performances, it has never been harder to choose who should win the show.

In last week’s recap show we made our predictions on who we think should win the show. Of course things change in a week because the acts have all really stepped up their game. Is this year still a battle of the kid singers? Or will a dark horse come from behind and win the show?

Which Of The 10 Acts Will Win ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2020?

We saw all 10 of the remaining acts fight it out one last time for a chance at $1 million. Seriously this season it is so hard to predict who will win since there have been so many changes and incredible performances. After last night’s performances, the top five acts should come down to Daneliya Tuleshova, Roberta Battaglia, Christina Rae, Brandon Leake and Bad Salsa. While all of the acts were really awesome, these are the five that definitely stood out from the pack. Bad Salsa was the ultimate surprise of the night because for the first time, they got to perform on stage in front of the judges. In the previous weeks, they performed virtually at home in Kolkatta, India. This is the performance that blew the judges away. Howie Mandel kept mouthing the word “amazing” after watching their performance.

However, Bad Salsa might not get the votes of the American audience. Their international fans are not eligible to vote, which may hinder their chances at winning, though they are incredibly deserving. Christina Rae had the last performance of the night and Howie called her a “queen.” She was certainly memorable, and Heidi Klum is obviously rooting for her Golden Buzzer. But, the top three should come down to poet Brandon Leake and kid singers Roberta Battaglia and Daneliya Tuleshova. Brandon had an incredible performance last night about his daughter, but was it as mesmerizing as some of his other performances? Normally he performs on stage with minimal production and changed it up this week.


Roberta also was great last night opening the show, but you could tell nerves got the best of her. Her song choice was good, but she was overshadowed a bit by Daneliya. If a winner is chosen based on last night’s performances, it should be Daneliya. The Kazakh powerhouse stunned with Sia’s “Alive” and looked very confident up on stage. Her vocal range is insane and it was such a smart idea to choose that very difficult song. She needs to be able to get the votes from American fans in order to win. Vocally, she definitely had the best performance of the night and she is incredibly humble.

Fans On Twitter Agree That Daneliya Should Take Home The Prize

The Daneliya fans were out in full force last night after her powerhouse performance. After already winning The Voice Kids in Ukraine and competing on The World’s Best, fans think it’s time for her to win another show. They have been nothing but outright about their support for her on America’s Got Talent. You guys also voted in our fan poll about who should win this season and the votes overwhelmingly went to Daneliya.


Obviously it all just comes down to votes. Do you think Daneliya will get the votes from America to win season 15 of America’s Got Talent? She certainly has a good chance after last night’s stunning performance.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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