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VOTE: Who will Win ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’?


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After last week’s elimination of Elaine and ejection of Dan (THANK GOD!), we have reached the finale of Island of the Idols! One of the five remaining players will win the season, but which will it be? We thought it’d be a good idea to share our opinion, especially since we have a personal favorite. The five finalists are gonna be ranked from least likely to win to most likely to win. Also, we’ll share what Final Three would be the best for each player but before we do that, we want to hear from you. Who do you think will win?

Noura’s visit to Island of the Idols in episode four.


Who will be the Survivor Winner? RANKED!

Noura Salman

As much as I love Noura, I don’t feel like she is in a position to win. All of the players left have stated their intention to take her to the end, mainly because she is seen as a goat. For example, her vote for Jack at the last Tribal Council before the merge was strictly due to paranoia. And of course, there’s the Final Eight which exposed her plans to vote out Tommy, and almost got her voted out.

The best scenario for Noura to win in the Final Three would be Dean and Janet. While I believe that she would still most likely lose in that final three, it would give her the best chance of winning the jury over.


Dean Kowalski

Dean wins his test on Island of the Idols.

Dean has the possibility to surge and win the game. However, I feel like he’s in the weakest position of the five remaining players. Dean is the last remaining Lairo player in the game. And while he does have the Idol Nullifier, it would only be effective if he can get three votes on Janet, the only player in the game with an immunity idol. And, unless Noura is voted out at Final Five or he wins immunity, he’d be all but guaranteed to be in the Final Four Fire-making Challenge.

To me, Dean’s best Final Three would be against Noura and Tommy. While Tommy has a great chance of winning there, Dean could spin his saving of Tommy at the Final Eight, and show that he chose who went home at that Tribal Council.

Janet Carbin

Janet’s visit to Island of the Idols.

Janet Carbin is the one castaway remaining on the show that I’m not one hundred percent certain about where she stands with the Jury. I’m sure they love her as a person, but from a gameplay perspective, I’m unsure. Janet has definitely made moves in this game, as she has found two immunity idols and is the only person to not play a game on Island of the Idols. But, compared to Lauren and Tommy, she is much more of a behind-the-scenes player.

Janet’s best Final Three would be with Tommy and Dean. While I think she could beat Noura quite easily in a Final Three, I think Janet’s best chance to win the Jury over is to play up her mom role and her idol finding. And if Noura and Lauren, who have been two of her closest allies, are on the Jury, they have a good chance of voting for her.


Lauren Beck

Lauren’s visit to Island of the Idols.

Lauren has been playing one of the best games this season. She has a tight alliance, and has made it to the end without making any enemies. However, the one thing Lauren needs to do to win the game is cut Tommy. If he makes it to the end with her, he would most likely beat her. Lauren has made brilliant moves, such as blindsiding Molly Byman and her idol gambit at the Final Nine Immunity Challenge, but she needs to make her big resume move.

Lauren’s best final three would be with Noura and Dean. Quite frankly, a final three with Noura and Janet or Dean and Janet wouldn’t be awful either. But Noura and Dean would be the easiest for her to knock out if she made it to the end.

Tommy Sheehan

Tommy’s best move in this game, blindsiding Missy Byrd at the Double Tribal Council.

Tommy is in the best position in the game right now to win. He has made several moves that can get him Jury votes, such as blindsiding Miss Byrd at the Double Tribal Council and voting Kellee out at the merge. Tommy’s one big problem is that he has to make it to the Final Tribal Council to win. And if people begin seeing him as a threat, he’s doomed.

Tommy’s strongest Final Three would be against Janet and Noura. He could use the position and tell everyone that he controlled his alliance and even brought to of them to the end. While I also think he could beat Dean, taking him to the end could be risky.

Ultimately, no matter who wins this season, it’s been amazing to watch! And while the Dan controversy has certainly dampened it, the gameplay has been phenomenal. No matter who wins, they played great. Who will take home the title of Sole Survivor? Tune into CBS Wednesday at 8/7 Central for the finale of Survivor: Island of the Idols!

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