Indian-American ‘Survivor’ Beats Olympian with Best Immunity Idol Play EVER?

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After last week’s CRAZY Double Tribal Council, all eye were on Olympian swimmer Elizabeth Biesel. Will she be able to fight out of the bottom? How would Tommy and Lauren move forward? And who would visit the Island of the Idols? Find out on this week’s Survivor Recap!

The players before this week's immunity challenge, with Lauren's Immunity Idol on the line.
The castaways before the immunity challenge, with Lauren Ashley’s Immunity Idol on the line.

After Aaron and Missy’s Eliminations

The episode opens with Lauren showing her relief over Missy’s elimination. Also, Karishma is very happy that her two biggest targets had went home. However, Elizabeth is upset, as her two biggest allies went home.

The next morning, Dean, Lauren and Tommy meet on the beach. Dean tries to mobilize the two against Karishma, threatening them with a Goat uprising, but Tommy brushes it off, saying Elizabeth wrote his name down, automatically putting her on his radar.


Lauren Ashley Beck on Island of the Idols

A boat arrives at camp, asking for someone to go to Island of the Idols. Lauren volunteers, and the tribe sends her to Rob and Sandra.


Lauren arrives on the Island of the Idols, and greets Rob and Sandra with a big hug. Rob tells Lauren that her lesson is on situational awareness, and explains her game. Rob describes the challenge to her, including the “Eat or Play” twist, and tells her that she can pick two people who she thinks will win. If one of her picks wins, she gets an immunity idol, good for two tribal councils. If not, she loses her vote at the next Tribal Council. So, Lauren weighs her options, and chooses Noura and Elizabeth. She then heads back to camp.

Lauren’s Immunity Idol Gambit

Dean talks about the Legacy Advantage he received from Jamal, and how he wants that target off of his back. He then makes a Fake version of his FAKE advantage, and decides to play it tonight.

Lauren returns to camp, and tells the tribe what she knows about the challenge. She tells Tommy about her game regarding the challenge, and they resolve to make as many people eat as they can. Then, they go around and talk to everyone, trying to make them eat so Noura and Elizabeth will have the least amount of competition in the challenge.

Immunity Challenge: Crocodile Rock

The tribe’s challenge, returning from Ghost Island, is Crocodile Rock. The players have to pull up on a bar, with keeps a ball from rolling down a track. If they release the bar, the lower track will lower, causing their ball to roll out. If their ball falls out, they are out. Last person standing wins immunity.

Jeff then reveals the aforementioned “Eat or Play” twist, revealing the breakfast food under a tarp. Lauren, Tommy, Dan, Janet, Dean and Elaine choose to eat, leaving Karishma, Elizabeth and Noura competing for immunity.

The three women begin the challenge, and all look strong out of the gate, but Karishma quickly falls. She tells Jeff that she felt so weak, and that she didn’t know why her body wouldn’t cooperate with her brain.

Elizabeth and Noura look poised to have a showdown, until Elizabeth suddenly dropped her bar. Noura tried to hold the bar up for longer so the others could eat, but Jeff tells her the challenge is over. Reluctantly, she drops, but is given the Immunity Necklace!

Noura wins immunity, therefore Lauren wins an immunity idol!

Post-Challenge Immunity Idol Panic

The players return to camp, where Lauren and Tommy retrieve Lauren’s Immunity Idol! While some strategy appears to happen, everyone agrees to vote for Karishma. for the most part. Elizabeth is worried about Karishma having an idol, so her and Noura look through Karishma’s bag. However, they don’t find anything, so they deem her safe to vote for.

Dan tells Karishma to vote for Janet, and she agrees. However, she then decides to talk to Elizabeth about voting out Dan. Lauren reads her lips, and tells Dan, who then confronts Karishma about it. She tells Dan she said, “Janet,” and that she was just making sure Elizabeth was in on the plan. Karishma weighs her options as we head to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council: Karishma Patel’s Immunity Idol Play for the Ages

Elizabeth becomes the sixth member of the Jury after Karishma’s Idol Play.

Jeff discusses the challenge with the tribe, and the three that played talk about why they did so. Dan says the longer the game goes, the harder it is to flip someone. Dean says he’s playing the Legacy Advantage tonight, likening his decision to a freebie. Lauren says that people saying this will be an easy Tribal is naive.

Tommy says that choice is hard, while Elaine says that you have to pick a core and stick with it. Elizabeth says that she’s a loyal player, and acknowledges that people can lie, as we head to the votes.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Dean plays his fake Legacy Advantage, but Jeff acknowledges that it is fake. Then, Karishma plays her idol, causing shocked reactions from EVERYONE. Finally, Lauren plays HER idol, saying she doesn’t want to go home either.

The Votes:
Karishma receives seven votes. (None of them count)
Elizabeth receives one vote.
Janet receives one vote.

The seven not involved in the tie re-vote. They can only vote for Janet or Elizabeth.

The Re-Votes:
Janet receives zero votes.
Elizabeth receives seven votes.

Elizabeth is eliminated by an insane idol play from Karishma. She becomes the sixth member of the Jury.
Elizabeth Beisel reacts to her elimination

Wow! What an episode! How will Karishma bounce back from almost being eliminated? Who will visit Island of the Idols? And who will go home next? Watch Survivor next week at 8/7 Central on CBS to find out!

The preview of next week’s episode.
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