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‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction: Who Will Win Season 7?

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The Masked Singer Season 7 is coming to a close soon, as the show prepares to name a winner during Wednesday night’s finale. The competition has been narrowed down to three finalists, all of whom represent Team Good. But who will go home with the Golden Mask trophy this season?

‘The Masked Singer’ Winner Will Be Team Good

The first contestant to make it to the finale was Firefly. Despite some great performances (including “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan), they haven’t had the smoothest ride, with dramatic moments including a coughing fit and a storm-off after being put in the bottom two.

Next up was Ringmaster, who has wowed the judges with powerhouse performances throughout the competition. They showed off impressive range, singing everything from “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus to “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj. But their best performance yet was “I Will Always Love You.”

Most recently, Prince joined the Finals. The judges are convinced that they’re a professional singer, possibly a boy bander or a Broadway star. Performances from Prince have included “La Copa De La Vida” by Ricky Martin, in which they sang Spanish lyrics.



Who Will Take Home the Trophy?

All three finalists will be unmasked in the season finale. They all have fantastic voices and have delivered some impressive performances throughout the season, but only one of them can be named the winner. Who’s the most likely to take home the trophy?

Personally, I think Firefly is the least likely winner out of the three. They have a great voice, but it doesn’t always have the same power as Ringmaster or Prince. Not to mention, Firefly’s choice to walk off stage earlier in the season might end up costing them votes.

The second most likely winner in my opinion is Prince. They have a great stage presence and an undoubtedly amazing voice, but I think Ringmaster ultimately has an edge over them. Ringmaster has delivered some seriously soaring performances throughout the season. If they can keep that up in the finale, I think they’ll be named the winner.

Do you agree with this prediction? Let us know in the comments which finalist you think will be named The Masked Singer Season 7 winner.

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Honey faith Boynton
Honey faith Boynton
1 year ago

I think that prince wil win!

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