“Survivor” Recap – SHOCKING Double Tribal Council

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After last week’s Internet breaking episode, would Janet and Karishma be able to dig themselves off the bottom? Would Dan be held accountable for his Tribal Council comments? And what happened at the Double Tribal Council? Find out on this week’s Survivor Recap!

Aaron is voted out, becoming the fourth member of the Jury.

Before Survivor Immunity Challenge

The episode opens on the day after Jamal’s elimination. Originally, The tribe discussed Karishma’s lack of contribution around camp, even speculating that she might be sick. Noura asks Karishma to go grab some coconuts for the group.

However, as Karishma goes to go collect coconuts, she talks about why she was on the bottom. She calls herself a goat, before saying the one reason she isn’t a goat is because she’s unpredictable. Amazingly, she immediately proves this by finding a Hidden Immunity Idol! Karishma heads back to camp, getting stopped by Noura, Tommy and Lauren along the way. Karishma plays up being ill after they ask why she was gone for so long.

Immunity Challenge: Will It Go Round

The tribe then heads to an immunity challenge, returning favorite Will It Go Round. The castaways must keep a ball spinning within a wheel as they stand on individual balance beams. At regular intervals, the castaways step forward onto narrower parts of the beam. If at any point the ball drops, the castaway loses the challenge. The last castaway with a spinning ball wins individual immunity.

Before the challenge begins, Jeff announces a twist. The tribe is split into two groups, one with five players and one with six. Each group, identified by colors, will have one person win immunity, and each group will go to a double Tribal Council. As an extra incentive, the last player standing overall wins their tribe PB&J Sandwiches!

Karishma, Tommy, Elaine, Missy and Elizabeth are in the Orange Group. Oppositely, Dan, Aaron, Lauren, Noura, Janet and Dean are in the Purple Group.

The challenge starts. Karishma drops out first, followed by Elizabeth and Tommy. On the other side, Aaron drops, as do Dan and Lauren. Both groups move to a smaller section of beam, causing Janet and Dean to both drop. Noura seems to forget about the reward, dropping with individual immunity! Elaine and Missy keep their battle up, until Missy overspins, giving Elaine immunity!

Elaine and Noura win immunity! Orange Group wins PB&Js!

After, the orange tribe heads back to camp. However, Jeff tells the purple tribe that they will go to the Old Lairo Camp, cutting off contact from the other group.

Survivor: Double Tribal Council Gameplay

Purple Group

The purple group returns to camp, with Noura having the immunity necklace. Aaron is confident that the vote will be outsider Janet, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Noura talks to the rest of the tribe, and they decide challenge-threat Aaron needs to go.

Janet celebrates a bit in her Confessional, and she appears to bury the hatchet with Dan over last week’s blow-up. However, Dean may have different plans. He says that Aaron is the only person ahead of him in challenges, which is good for his security. He’d rather Janet go home. He appeals to Dan, as the tribe heads to their Double Tribal Council.

Orange Group

As the tribe arrives back at camp, they enjoy their PB&Js. However, Missy decides she doesn’t want to vote out Karishma and begins targeting Tommy. Missy tries to talk to Karishma, but she walks away, calling Missy a bully! Missy takes offense to this, but Karishma stands by her assessment in Confessional.

After, Karishma talks to Elaine about Missy’s plan. Elaine then tells Tommy, with the two deciding to vote for Missy. Tommy acknowledges that Karishma is the swing vote, while Elizabeth and Missy attempt to swing her vote. The group then heads to the Double Tribal Council.

Double Tribal Council #1: Purple Group

The purple group of Dean, Noura, Aaron, Dan, Lauren and Janet arrive at Tribal Council. Dan starts the conversation by saying the vote should be cut and dry. Janet acknowledges her position, and Aaron mentions that this Tribal is about testing relationships for him. The conversation continues, before Jeff cuts it off, sending them to vote.

The Votes:
Janet receives one vote.
Aaron receives five votes.

Aaron is voted out by everyone in his group, including Dean. He heads over to the Jury seating at Tribal, as the Orange Group heads in.

Survivor Double Tribal Council #2: Purple Group

Missy is blindsided, and becomes the fifth member of the Jury.

The Purple Group of Missy, Elizabeth, Karishma, Tommy and Elaine arrive, and seeing Aaron on the Jury shocks them. In fact, Elizabeth says Aaron being voted out sucks, while Missy says the Jury looks wrong. Missy opens Tribal, by enacting her plan of throwing Karishma under the bus. Karishma defends herself, saying that their personalities clashed. Tommy chalks it up to them being different people. Missy asks Jeff why he didn’t recognize Aaron and herself for both winning Immunity the last episode, as they are both African-American. Jeff says he didn’t want to make it seem like an unlikely occurrence, and the group heads to vote.

The Votes:
Tommy receives two votes.
Missy receives three votes.

Missy is blindsided and tells Elizabeth to go after Elaine as she leaves.

Next week’s episode appears to be the return of Island of the Idols, as Sandra was featured in the preview! Who will be sent? And how will the eliminations of effect the game? Check out Survivor next Wednesday at 8/7 Central on CBS to find out!

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