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The Talent Recap Fan Choice Awards 2022 CoverTalent Recap via YouTube

Talent Recap, as the outlet for fans of T.V. talent shows, presents the 2022 Fan Choice Awards. Choose your favorite talent show winner of 2022 here! From America’s Got Talent, The Voice, The Masked Singer, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, and more, 2022 saw some amazing talent and special moments.

You can vote for all of the categories of the Fans Choice Awards now! Voting will open on December 16 at 12:00 p.m. ET and close on January 7 at 12:00 a.m. ET. Voting will take place in this article and on our social media platforms. All platform votes will be added together for the winners.

We will reveal your winners on January 19 at 6 p.m. ET. You may even get to hear from your favorite contestants, so be sure to tune in.

Favorite Breakout Star

This star may not have won your favorite series, but their journey has left a true legacy. The nominees are… Kenedi Anderson (American Idol), Bodie (The Voice), Chapel Hart (America’s Got Talent), KoKo Iwasaki (Dancing With the Stars), Cheryl Burke (Dancing With the Stars).

Favorite Viral Moment

This moment lives rent free in your mind, there’s no denying it. The nominees are… Ben Lapidus (America’s Got Talent), Simon Cowell singing (America’s Got Talent), Shangela’s Finale Freestyle (Dancing With the Stars), Rudy Giuliani (The Masked Singer), Normandy (American Idol), and Len Goodman’s retirement (Dancing With the Stars)

Favorite Contestant

You followed this contestant throughout their entire journey and voted for them each week. The nominees are… Huntergirl (American Idol), Drake Milligan (America’s Got Talent), Avery Dixon (America’s Got Talent), Jordin Sparks (Dancing With the Stars), Jennifer Holliday (The Masked Singer), Kiqué (The Voice).

Favorite Winner

There were many winners this year, but only one of them can be considered the true champion of 2022. The nominees are… Amber Riley (The Masked Singer), Noah Thompson (American Idol), The Mayyas (America’s Got Talent), Charli D’Amelio (Dancing With the Stars), Bryce Leatherwood (The Voice), Teyana Taylor (The Masked Singer).

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