Who are the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Acts Re-Auditioning for Season 16?


Each season of America’s Got Talent typically welcomes back a few acts that are no strangers to the stage. A few familiar faces will pop up for another chance to audition for Season 16, which premieres on June 1.

Several ‘America’s Got Talent’ Acts Are Auditioning Again

Erik and Shelly Linder

Erik Linder will be competing on Season 16 of America’s Got Talent with his wife Shelly. Erik made it to the Semifinals on Season 4 with his partner Rickie Taylor. The duo was just eight years old when they showcased their ballroom dancing skills on the world’s biggest stage. Erik is back as an adult 12 years later hoping to make it all the way to the finale.

Erik has had experience performing on Dancing With The Stars and the pair have won multiple World Champion titles and National Champion titles. Though we normally see a handful of ballroom dancers on America’s Got Talent each season, this couple is certainly one to watch.


Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey is a celebrity juggler that has pretty much been on every talk show you can think of. Brian’s audition was featured in a Season 9 montage where he balanced a couch using his mouth. He also juggled apples while biting into each of them as they passed his mouth. Brian is back this season and gave some insights on how the whole auditions process is different.

“So the difference between this year & season 9 was in 2014 we shot the whole thing in one day from 8am- to midnight,” he wrote on Instagram. “Only 1 interview 1 rehearsal & the live show then a couple more interactions afterward. This year was even longer with 2 days with so many interviews, social media stuff that I stopped counting.”


Sethward first confused the judges during his odd Season 13 audition. He wore a caterpillar costume and was booed by the crowd during the act. He ultimately received four red buzzers from the judges. In Season 14, he auditioned twice, once in a giraffe costume and the other as a walrus. Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell voted “yes” to send him through to the Judge Cuts, but the other judges were not fans.

Season 16 is welcoming Sethward back with open arms for the fourth time. This time, he hopes to make it past the auditions round with his comedy and bizarre skits. Could this be the year that he finally impresses all four judges?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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