Top 10 ‘AGT’ Acts Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

Julia Delbel
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America’s Got Talent may have started in the 2000’s but it really picked up in the 2010’s. Everything about the show became bigger, bolder, and yes, stranger. But like it or not, the unique brand of AGT weirdness is one of the things that keeps people tuning back into the show every year. So here are 10 of the most outrageous acts we’ve seen on AGT this decade!

The Weird Side of AGT

Professional Cuddler – ‘AGT’ Season 10

The Professional Cuddler on America’s Got Talent Season 10

On America’s Got Talent, anything goes….and that means anything. Meet Samantha Hess: Professional Cuddler. In Season 10, she aimed to “take over the world, one hug at a time”. She didn’t quite get there, but she did make it to the Judge Cuts round and demonstrated several unconventional styles of hug on guest judge Neil Patrick Harris (and then got four red buzzers right afterwards).

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Andy Rowell – ‘AGT’ Season 14

Andy Rowell on America’s Got Talent Season 14

Tons of people try out for AGT every year, even if they don’t have any real talent to showcase. But Andy Rowell stands out for doing the absolute bare minimum. Not only did he just get up and do karaoke, his song choice was “Tequila”. Of course, this was most likely intended to be a comedy act and worked pretty well as a one-time thing in that regard, but it was still surprising that the judges actually sent him through for another performance.

Yumbo Dump – ‘AGT’ Season 13

Yumbo Dump on America’s Got Talent Season 13

Yumbo Dump were a noisemaking duo who somehow managed to stick around until the live shows. I’ll give it to them that they did their best to change things up in each performance (while still keeping their “shhhh….feels so good!” catchphrase) and did laugh a few times but….what even was this act?

Elijah Holt – ‘AGT’ Season 13

Elijah Holt on America’s Got Talent Season 13

Trampoline acts are a rarity on AGT, so it’s always nice to see one….even if it involves a deflating giraffe. Elijah Holt and his “partner” Tyler had one of the fluffiest silly acts we’ve ever seen, but we couldn’t help but smile when we watched them. We were laughing at it, but also with it in a way because even though this was clearly not an act meant for the AGT big-leagues, we could feel the joy in every one those jumps. This was the kind of pre-live show offbeat filler act that was actually kind of cute instead of cringy.

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Christopher – ‘AGT’ Season 11

Christopher on America’s Got Talent Season 11

Continuing in that vein, we have Christopher (and no, we never learned his last name). He brought along a “friend” too; well, actually four of them. He made a puppet contraption allowing for a one-man tribute to The Village People, and it was an absolute riot! This is the kind of “weird act” AGT was made for.

Mirror Image – ‘AGT’ Season 12

Mirror Image on America’s Got Talent Season 12

When this duo of over-the-top, singing, dancing twins burst onto the AGT scene for their audition, we never thought they’d make it to the next round, let alone the live shows. But they somehow did, and now we have three performances of their’s to look back on and remember the unique brand of chaos they brought to the show. (Just look at guest judge DJ Khaled‘s face in this video!)

DADitude! – ‘AGT’ Season 10

DADitude! on America’s Got Talent Season 10

DADitude! sounded like a pretty decent act with a good story at first: five dads who used to dance professionally trying to get back into it. But in execution it turned out to be more of a “how do you do, fellow kids?” kind of hip-hop act. It was actually kind of funny at first because they leaned into the corniness and comedy of it all but when they were wildcarded for the live shows they started to take it a bit too seriously which put them in an awkward limbo of “not good, but not ‘so bad it’s good’ either.

The Human Fountains – ‘AGT’ Season 13

The Human Fountains on America’s Got Talent Season 13

Now here’s a wildcard act that definitely stayed over-the-top throughout its run on the show. The name Human Fountains pretty much speaks for itself; even if you were too grossed out to watch the act (and we don’t blame you if you were) we can at least say there was no other act like them on AGT, and there hasn’t been since.

The Human Tackboard – ‘AGT’ Season 10

The Human Tackboard on America’s Got Talent Season 10

Before the Human Fountains, there was the Human Tackboard. Leroy Patterson’s talent was basically his high pain threshold; his act consisted of taking off his shirt and diving into a pile of sharp thumbtacks in various manners. Not much to say except….ouch! (And we’re talking about our own pain watching this.)

Sethward – ‘AGT’ Seasons 13 and 14

Sethward on America’s Got Talent Season 14

Perhaps the most memorable of all these acts is Sethward, likely due to his sheer persistence. He’s shown up on AGT multiple times now, and each one has brought us a new brand of weird. There was the caterpillar, the walrus, and the giraffe: a truly terrifying trinity, but also, in a way, an iconic one. We’ll see next summer whether Sethward’s determination continues into the 2020’s.

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