WATCH ‘AGT’ Magician Put Simon Cowell And Howie Mandel’s Friendship To The Test [VIDEO]

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British magician Ryan Tricks auditioned for season 15 of ‘AGT’ with a very unique magic act. Ryan made Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel put their friendship to the test in a trick involving their connection. Take a look at the audition below.

Ryan Tricks Brought Howie Mandel And Simon Cowell Onto The ‘AGT’ Stage

Ryan made Simon choose one deck of cards and Howie got the other. Ryan put the cards face down in front of them and made them hover their fingers over the deck and keep eye contact. This was his way of getting both of them to subconsciously choose the same card. They did end up choosing the same card demonstrating how strong their connection is.

Next Ryan blindfolded Howie and made him feel like he was touching his hand, when in actuality, he was touching Simon’s hand. This helped get them in synch for the last trippy trick. Simon held a cookie in his hand and Howie correctly guessed that Simon was holding a cookie while still blindfolded.


“Since the moment you started talking I knew you were going to entertain us with something really good,” Sofia Vergara said. “I really enjoyed it” Heidi Klum said. “I loved it, the magic was absolutely amazing.”

“There’s something about you that I really like Ryan,” Simon said. “It was very strange sitting there I just had this really eerie fantastic experience.” He also said the experience made him love Howie a little bit more. He recieved four yes’s and was sent into the Judge Cuts round.

He Had A Little Help From A Familiar Face During Judge Cuts

The ‘AGT’ judges wanted to see more from Ryan during the Judge Cuts. He performed virtually with a little help from ‘BGT’ judge Alesha Dixon. He guessed the person she was thinking about and even predicted what text she would send. Sofia said she loved “how you command the stage.” Though his performance was full of mind-blowing moments, Ryan did not make it to the live shows.

Where Is Ryan Tricks Now?

After appearing on ‘AGT,’ Ryan continued to grow his online presence and perform tricks on the streets for unsuspecting patrons.

He even recently posted this hypnosis trick that you have to see to believe.

If you are such a big fan of Ryan and his incredible audition like we are, definitely check out the compilation below. It features some of the best magicians to ever hit the ‘AGT’ stage after we have seen so much incredible talent over the years. Some of these acts will send shivers down your spine.

Though the coronavirus pandemic may have halted some of his performance plans, Ryan has taken a little break to go on a tropical vacation.


What did you think of Ryan’s ‘AGT’ audition with a little help from Simon and Howie?


Samantha Agate
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