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‘America’s Got Talent’ Magician Exposed As Fake By Audience Members

Samantha Agate

Samantha Agate

America's Got Talent Max Major

After watching Max Major’s magic act on episode three of the America’s Got Talent live shows, many were questioning if the act was fake. Miraculously, members of the virtual audience along with Howie Mandel all drew the same thing on a sheet of paper in which Max predicted would happen before the show. Now, virtual audience members are confirming that they were told what to draw before the act even started.

Audience Member Confirms Max Major’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ Act Was Fake

In his interview package before starting his act, Max stood in a bar and demonstrated some illusions. This interview package was part of his act all along. Max told each member of the virtual audience to close their eyes and draw whatever they saw on a piece of paper. He told Howie to do the same. Max made a prediction before the show, drawing an image of a sun that he thought everyone else would draw. It was identical to the one Howie drew. The virtual audience also revealed that they too all drew suns. Max revealed that the interview package featured subliminal messages to make people draw a sun. We at Talent Recap had to try this out for ourselves to see if the members of our team who had not seen the act would draw suns. It turns out, none of our team members drew suns.


We had our suspicions about this act being fake. Of course, our first thought was that the audience members were told what to draw by producers beforehand to make the trick look successful. People on social media also said they did not draw suns.

It felt like everyone in the virtual audience was in on a trick that us folks at home were not a part of. One virtual audience member who happens to be a fan of Talent Recap actually reached out to us to tell us that the act was in fact fake. They presented us with their ticket to confirm that they were a member of the virtual audience on the night Max performed.

Here’s How We Know AGT’s Magician Was Fake

The audience member told us exactly how Max executed this act. “After Annie’s performance, during the commercial they made us watch a video Max made for us. He told us to choose a number between 10-99. Then he told us to add the two digits to make a new number. Then we subtracted the new number from the 10-99 number! We then proceeded to subtract. Then the answer we got equaled a symbol, there were houses, trees, and suns to name a few. Suns were about 1/4 of the answer symbols. Then he tildes to draw the symbol we got when he told us to when he performed on stage after Malik! That’s how it happened! It honestly wasn’t that cool!” It really sounds like it involved a lot of math and luck and less of actual magic and mental games.


This is a very famous trick that many magicians and mentalists like Max have use in the past. But it definitely begs the question, is it magic or is it math? People on Reddit said that famous magicians Penn and Teller also use this method in some of their performances, but their execution is rather seamless. Max did end up going through to the next round but do you think it’s fair to the other contestants? One person on Reddit said “I am so disappointed Max Major went through to the next round. His ‘act’ was a simple mathematics trick easily performed by anyone that knows the ‘9’s multiplication table. I really thought everyone would see through it or at least have seen this ‘trick’ performed many times before.” Another person pointed out that Max has used this kind of math in performances prior to ‘AGT.’

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