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‘The Voice UK’ Fans Are Outraged That Coaches Didn’t Turn Their Chairs for ‘BGT’ Star

Richard Hadfield performs at British Summertime 2015Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

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The Voice UK fans are left frustrated after none of the celebrity coaches turned their chairs for Britain’s Got Talent star Richard Hadfield. In disbelief, fans slammed the coaches on social media, naming the talent show as “fixed.”

Richard Hadfield Got Zero Chair Turns

In week two of The Voice UK 2022, BGT star Richard Hadfield grabbed his chance at Blind Auditions. He sang “I Who Have Nothing” by Sir Tom Jones, in hopes of getting chair turns from Olly Murs, Annie Marie, Will.I.Am, and Sir Tom Jones himself. The blind audition was ultimately unsuccessful, since none of the coaches turned their chair for the popular BGT singer.

For those who may not know, Hadfield was a member of the UK-based musical theater group Collabro. The group bagged the winning title of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 (series eight).


Following Hadfield’s blind audition, the coaches explained that his song choice was not ideal for their competition.

“It was hard, you know, because you compare it to what you did yourself,” said Sir Tom Jones.

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult to successfully audition for The Voice using a coach’s song. Even though this singer has proven himself as an artist, Sir Tom Jones’s song was the kiss of death. Annie Marie even stated that his performance was “too classical.”

The Voice UK Fans Aired Their Frustrations on Social Media

Fans were quick to take to social media following Hadfield’s unsuccessful audition. Many believe that his unsuccessful audition was a result of the competition being “fixed.”

One fan tweeted that Richard not getting a turn is an “injustice.” Another called the BGT star a “phenomenal singer” and it felt “disappointing” that the judges did not even consider him.

“How you didn’t put Richard Hadfield into the next round is beyond me. I am wondering if this is just a show for bad singers because that’s all you put in last night,” Another tweet read.

Other critics agreed on the coaches’s decision. One even included that although Richard has a clean, skilled voice, it lacked distinction.

Richard Hadfield Said His Audition was a Fantastic Experience

Hadfield was obviously deflated, but he still considered his audition in The Voice UK as a “fantastic experience.” The BGT star also addressed the comments about his risky song choice. He cleared that he was not able to choose his own despite expressing concerns about performing a judge’s original.

“Had a few people saying about song choice,” he said. “Sadly I didn’t really have a choice 😂 did air my concerns about singing that banger in front of the big man himself but it fell on deaf ears.”

In a video he uploaded on Instagram, he wrote “Thanks for all the love folks! It was an experience and I loved every minute singing. Obviously gutted but I carry on being a professional singer.”

The BGT star maintained his composure and announced that he will continue singing on shows that might be near the fans. At the end of the day, Hadfield seems rather unaffected by the coaches’s decision to not turn their chairs for him.

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1 year ago

They didn’t turn because he wasn’t good enough and the last crescendo was beyond his range. When will he stop whingeing? He’s had his chance, twice, and blown it.

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