The Two Worst Performances Ever On ‘AGT’ In One Episode?

Jill O'Rourke
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Did last week’s quarterfinals episode of AGT feature the two worst performances in the show’s history? It’s definitely possible. Not only did Simon Cowell declare one act to have given the worst live performance ever, but the week’s wildcard act didn’t do much to prove themselves worthy of sticking around.

Check out these disastrous acts below, and decide for yourself whether they were the worst the show’s ever seen or not. Let’s hope this week’s performances are better.

The worst performance ever as per Simon Cowell and yeah, we agree with him. Hands down!

Nick & Lindsay’s Disastrous Knife Act on AGT

This opera-meets-knife-throwing act had an elaborate set for their Western-themed performance in last week’s episode, but the routine itself was cringe-worthy.

Between Nick’s awkward cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” to Lindsay wiping off her toes before using them to throw a knife, to some of the knives not even sticking in the wall like they were supposed to … it was a total disaster.

Simon and Howie Mandel both buzzed the act. “I think in the history of America’s Got Talent, that was the worst live performance I’ve ever seen,” Simon told them, adding that “everything went wrong.”

Twitter shading Nick and Lindsay while hash-tagging AGT because of course Twitter had to weigh in.

Many Twitter users seemed to agree with Simon, with one viewer asking if it was possible to give the act negative votes. Ouch! Needless to say, Nick & Lindsay were voted off AGT during last week’s results show.

The Sentimentalists performance was so bad but watching Harvey Mandel stress eat is EVERYTHING.

The Sentimentalists Get Exposed And The Best Part Of The Performance Was Watching Harvey Mandel Stress Eat On AGT Set!

Just when we thought the night couldn’t possibly have a worse performance, mentalist duo The Sentimentalists showed up to give Nick & Lindsay a run for their money.

Mysterion and Steffi Kay set out to determine the different flavors of candy and dessert the judges were tasting. While blindfolded, Steffi Kay shared what she thought each of the judges had in their mouths.

Things got questionable when Steffi guessed that Gabrielle Union was tasting bubblegum, and Mysterion confirmed it, but it was clear from Gabrielle’s face that she was wrong.

Gabrielle said in a Twitter video that she was actually tasting cinnamon on AGT

Things only got more awkward from there. Steffi took ages to figure out what Julianne Hough was tasting, and even threw out a few incorrect guesses. Simon also called them out for not guessing his full answer (“Butterscotch Angel Delight”) when they asked him to write down a dessert.

Simon called it “a total mess from start to finish.” Although the crowd frequently boos him for his negative critiques, in this case they actually applauded him for saying it.

The Sentimentalists were last week’s chosen wildcard act, but that might have been a mistake. Either way, America voted them off the show.

The Best Performance In AGT History?

Even though last week’s episode might have featured the two worst performances in AGT history, it may have also featured the best performance in AGT history. At least, according to Howie Mandel.

“By far, the best performance I have ever witnessed,” Howie told Indian dance group V.Unbeatable after their incredible quarterfinals performance.

It just goes to show that the live episodes can really be a make-it-or-break it moment for the acts.

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