Exposed! Gabrielle Union Calls Out Failed Magic Act on ‘AGT’

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Last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent didn’t go so well for a lot of the acts. You know it’s a mess when Simon Cowell dubs an act “the worst live performance” he’s ever seen on the show…only for an arguably worse one to come along less than an hour later. That’s right folks, we’re talking about The Sentimentalists.

Watch Harvey Mandel stress eat while the Sentimentalists perform, leaving the audience confused.

After their audition and Judge Cuts mentalism performances were both iffy in quality, The Sentimentalists – consisting of Mysterion and Steffie Kay – were eliminated right before the live shows.

However, Sentimentalists were brought back as one of three wildcard acts in the quarter-finals.

Most AGT fans didn’t seem too happy to see them come back, believing other eliminated acts with stronger showings deserved a second chance over them. And after their performance in last night’s episode….it’s probably safe to say they were right. You can watch the act in all its awkward glory below.

The concept of playing with taste was a good one – and Howie certainly seemed to be a fan of all the treats onstage! – but the execution was one hot mess. And one of the most questionable things about the performance was that whenever Steffie would guess which flavor of candy one of the judges was eating, Mysterion would quickly affirm she was correct without letting the judge confirm whether or not she actually was.

Simon called them out for it during the act when they missed the butterscotch flavor he was tasting, and soon afterwards Gabrielle – who hadn’t been given the opportunity to do so on TV – revealed the truth about her candy in a Twitter video.

Gabrielle Union revealing her candy flavor on Twitter.

I’m not sure what their method of “sensing” the candy flavors were (though Mysterion’s firm insistence on being handed the empty candy wrappers seemed pretty suspicious) but whatever it was, it got botched, big time.

The Sentimental Disaster on AGT

And that was on top of the act lagging and getting repetitive by the end, and the mismatched style of delivery between the two performers that carried over from their previous AGT showings.

It definitely wasn’t looking good for them and unfortunately they did not make it through to the semi-finals. Rule #1 of mentalism, folks: make sure your “readings” are accurate!


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Julia Delbel

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