‘AGT’ Recap: Did Quarterfinals 2 Have The Best Performance In ‘AGT’ History?

Jill O'Rourke
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Tuesday marked the second week of quarterfinals on AGT, featuring the return of Golden Buzzer acts Joseph Allen, V. Unbeatable and Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Twelve acts performed live, but only seven of them will make it through to the semifinals.

This week, several acts ended up getting buzzed or criticized following awkward or even disastrous performances. However, one act was dubbed the best performance in AGT history by one of the judges. Check out all of tonight’s acts below, and vote for your favorites on the AGT website, or through the AGT app.

Charlotte Summers

This 13-year-old singer from Spain said she’s been practicing all summer for her return to the AGT stage. Tonight, she brought her powerhouse voice to a cover of the James Bond song “Diamonds Are Forever” by Shirley Bassey. The judges questioned the song choice, but praised her talent. Julianne Hough encouraged her to show her personality more.

Nick & Lindsay

This knife-throwing couple got the buzzer from both Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel this week. In fact, Simon called it the worst live performance in AGT history. Nick sang Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” while Lindsay threw knives with her feet. Julianne said that it ended up being “so good” because of its badness.

Chris Kläfford

This soulful Swedish singer-songwriter returned to the stage to perform an original song about his last moments with his grandmother before she passed away. Julianne said he “owned the stage” without a band, although Simon said he “didn’t feel the emotional connection” compared to his last performance.


Marina Mazepa

This Ukrainian dancer and contortionist said she was “taking a huge risk” in her first live performance on AGT. Simon buzzed the act, which involved some creepy-crawly movements and the addition of backup dancers. He said it “got boring,” although Howie seemed to like it. “I’m happily married, but I feel like I just cheated,” he said.


Robert Finley

This blind singer returned to perform an original song about his time on America’s Got Talent. His performance had the judges smiling and clapping along. “You are a gift to us all,” Gabrielle Union told him. Howie questioned whether or not his song would connect with the voters, but Julianne disagreed with him. Simon, meanwhile, called him a “legend.”

The Sentimentalists

This mentalist pair was previously eliminated, but they were chosen to return to the show as a wildcard this week. This time, Steffi Kay figured out what the judges were eating, but it turned out a bit awkward. Simon called it “a total mess from start to finish,” while Julianne said it didn’t seem rehearsed enough.

Ryan Niemiller

This comedian, who jokes about living with a disability, said he doesn’t want anyone to vote for him because they feel bad for him. This week, he talked about trying to get into shape, as well as his experience living in a trailer. Howie said Ryan should be in the finals, while Julianne said it was better than his previous performances combined.


This Indian dance group, who earned the Golden Buzzer from Dwyane Wade, returned with an exciting new performance. It featured their trademark acrobatics, with dancers flying through the air and even through hoops. Simon praised them for their creativity, and for making “every second of those two minutes count.” Julianne called it “the best performance of tonight,” while Howie called it the best performance in AGT history! That is a huge compliment from the longest serving AGT judge.

Joseph Allen

This rapper and singer received the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel in the auditions. He returned with another inspiring original song (this one for his mother) and touched the judges’ hearts. “I love a vulnerable man,” Gabrielle told him, while Julianne encouraged him not to compare himself to anyone else.


Light Balance Kids

This dance group received the Golden Buzzer from Ellie Kemper during the Judge Cuts, and promised “harder choreography” this week. They performed a cool new routine to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker.” Gabrielle said they topped their previous performances, while Julianne called it “unbelievable.” However, Simon said it lacked “the wow factor.”

Tyler Butler-Figueroa

This young cancer survivor earned the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell during the auditions for his talent on the violin. Tonight, he performed Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child.” Simon praised his song choice, while Howie called him “inspirational.” Gabrielle said he’ll inspire young people to pick up instruments.


Ndlovu Youth Choir

This inspiring South African choir ended the night on a high note with a powerful cover of U2’s “Beautiful Day.” They even covered the stage and judges in colorful streamers. “You are our window to the world,” Howie told them.

Which act was your favorite this week? Do you agree with the judges’ thoughts on tonight’s performances? Was V.Unbeatable’s performance really the best in AGT history? Let us know in the comments.

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