‘The Masked Dancer’ Group B Premiere Recap: 5 New Dancers + An EPIC Reveal

Samantha Agate
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After an impressive group of dancers showed off their skills in last week’s premiere episode, the pressure was on for Group B on The Masked Dancer. Keep reading to take a look at all of the incredible performances and the shocking reveal at the end of the night.

Who Is The Sloth?

Clues: The clue package had several nods to running so something tells us this Sloth is anything but a slowpoke. There was also a clue with doctors and x-ray machines. When The Sloth was a kid, he had a bad accident. The Sloth brushed his teeth with a tube of toothpaste that said “Glee” on it. Another big clue that stood out was a red solo cup with the number 13 on it.

Performance: The performance started off with the sound of an alarm clock as The Sloth drank from a cup that looked like it was from a fast-food restaurant. He danced to “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. The Sloth mimicked running on the treadmill and also having a bad back. He picked up one of the dancers and bench pressed her. His one-word clue after the performance was “broadway.”

Judges’ Guesses: Brian Austin Green guessed that it is Britney Spears’ baby daddy Kevin Federline. Ashley Tisdale thinks it’s Jason Derulo because he is an incredible dancer. Paula Abdul guessed that it was Matthew Morrison because of the Glee clues.


Who Is The Ice Cube?

Clues: The Ice Cube hinted that his mom had a career in politics. He did grow up with money but did not really have her around. His dad spent time behind bars. There was a television screen that flashed with a commercial for a TV dinner on it. He said the TV was his only friend. He held a pair of ballet shoes in the clue package. The Ice Cube feels “in my element” which led to a periodic table flashing across the screen.

Performance: The Ice Cube danced to “Bad Romance” by Postmodern Jukebox. He danced a swing/jazz style routine with a partner. It became clear that he is not a professional performer since he was behind on the timing and looking at his partner to see which move comes next. His one-word clue after the performance was “90s icon.”

Judges’ Guesses: Brian thinks it is Bill Maher. Paula guessed it was Anderson Cooper under the mask. Ken guessed that it was Bill Nye under the mask.

Who Is The Zebra?

Clues: The Zebra has a medal around his neck in the clue package. He drove a car with “OS” written on the side. There was a woman dressed in a hot dog costume in the clue package. He said that being on this show is his “second act” after being out of the limelight for a while. There were also a ton of boyband references.

Performance: The Zebra performed a Latin inspired routine to “Magalena” by Sergio Mendes. He led a conga line down the stage that was illuminated by multi-colored buildings. His one-word clue after the performance was “comeback.”

Judges’ Guesses: Brian guessed it was Ricky Martin underneath the mask because of the Latin references. Ken thinks it is Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson because of the height and size. They also brought up that it could be PitBull.

Who Is The Cotton Candy?

Clues: The Cotton Candy called herself a “perfectionist.” Another clue was a big plate of breakfast. She said growing up she was a whiz kid but in order to chase her dreams, she had to move in with a new family. The next clue was a clock with the word “life”‘ written on it. A plate of cupcakes with lips and false eyelashes was the last clue. She had a scary fall during rehearsals but was ready to take on The Masked Dancer.

Performance: She danced an aerial/lyrical routine to “Glitter In The Air” by P!nk. At first she was demonstrating serious flexibility on a hoop up in the air. She did some partner work afterward which made it clear she is a professional dancer or gymnast. Cotton Candy’s one-word clue is “primetime.”

Judges’ Guesses: Paula guessed that it was Jenna Dewan. Ken thinks it is Julianne Hough. Ashley agreed with this guess. Brian guessed it was P!nk.


Who Is The Moth?

Clues: The first clue was a box of clothes. She had a traumatic experience that changed her life forever. There was a White House clue. The camera focused on a portrait of some kind of insect.

Performance: She danced to “Boot Scootin Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn. It was a country two-step inspired dance. The Moth relied on her partner to guide her through the dance. She did lasso motions and swung around with her partner. Her one-word clue after the performance was “inspired.”

Judges’ Guesses: Ashley thinks it’s Megyn Kelly. Paula guessed that it is Monica Lewinsky and Brian agreed. But she also proposed that it could be Marla Maples.

Who Was Eliminated On ‘The Masked Dancer’?

The judges got to ask a few last-minute questions to help formulate their final guesses. They found out that millions of people have seen him on television. He has a huge social media following and he has tried doing stand-up comedy before. He did admit that he has white hair. After putting all of the clues together, Ashley guessed that it was Al Gore. Ken kept his original guess of Bill Nye. Paula guessed that it is Tim Gunn. Brian also kept his original guess of Bill Maher.

The celebrity underneath The Ice Cube mask turned out to be Bill Nye. This means Ken actually made a correct guess for once! The ballet shoe clue is a reference to the ballet shoes that Bill patented and created. His father was a Prisoner of War during WWII which was referenced the clue about his dad being behind bars. Plus, Bill is seriously iconic on social media and helping educate people about science.


What was your favorite performance of the night? Tune in next week to see more awesome dancing on The Masked Dancer.

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