Fans Swear P!nk Is The Cotton Candy On ‘The Masked Dancer’ — Are They Wrong?

Fans Swear P!nk Is The Cotton Candy On 'The Masked Dancer'Mriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

The Masked Dancer is Fox’s latest exciting show that features 10 masked celebrities who are dancing to win over the judges. Of course, the fun of it is we don’t know who is under the masks. But after seeing Cotton Candy’s performance, fans think they know exactly who is under the colorful mask.

Fans Guess Pop Music Icon Is Cotton Candy On ‘The Masked Dancer’

After the video of Cotton Candy’s first performance was posted, fans of the show overwhelmingly had a very common guess as to who is under the mask. It seems based on the dancing, they think it is three-time Grammy winner P!nk. She is known to dance and do aerial skills during her performances. Her music videos also feature a ton of lyrical choreography and acrobatics.

“DEFINITELY PINK!!!” one person commented on the video of Cotton Candy that was posted on The Masked Dancer Instagram account. “Pink does these kind of performances” another fan commented.


“Pink of course!!!” wrote another. “That’s pink” another fan confidently wrote. But there is one thing that makes this theory a little far fetched. Cotton Candy danced to “Glitter In The Air” by P!nk for her first performance. P!nk dancing to her own song might be a little too obvious which goes against the whole premise of the show. The Masked Dancer and The Masked Singer alike are all about keeping secrets.

“This is The Masked Dancer, not singer. Yes Pink is singing the song, doesn’t mean that it is her under the mask” one person fired back in the comments section. So, the question remains; who is underneath the Cotton Candy mask? Make sure you tune in to the weekly recap show to see which celebrities Mel and Kyle expose the identities of. Last week, they revealed the shocking identity of The Hammerhead.

If you look at comments on all of the social media pages for The Masked Dancer, fans have yet another strong guess about who is under the mask. Due to the acrobatics and flexibility of Cotton Candy, many believe it is ‘AGT’ buzzer contortionist Sofie Dossi under the mask. She rose to fame on the talent competition show and grew a massive fanbase of 5 million subscribers on YouTube after the show.

“I think she is Sofie Dossi because she was high up and on a hula hoop and Sofie is a contortionist,” wrote one person in a YouTube comment. “Automatically my first guess is Sofie Dossi because she is a contortionist and does aerial skills and is very good at what she does,” wrote another.

Another great guess is Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. The four-time Olympic gold medalist is obviously flexible and even showed off her dancing skills on Dancing With The Stars.


Who do you think is underneath the Cotton Candy mask?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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