‘Survivor’ Recap: HUGE Veteran Player Shockingly Quits The Game

Survivor Contestant Quits The GameSamantha Agate | Talent Recap

Survivor is back this week and did not waste any time hitting the audience with some drama immediately when the show started. Plus, we saw a fan-favorite player go home at this week’s tribal council and an immunity challenge that literally came down to a matter of seconds. Keep reading to find out exactly what went down on this week’s action-packed episode.

Sandra Diaz-Twine Hands Over Her Crown In Surprising Exit

Perhaps the most shocking thing to happen in this episode is that two-time Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine quit the game. Sandra who was eliminated in last week’s episode arrives on the Edge of Extinction joining her fellow booted contestants. They are all vying for a chance to get back into the game. After learning that food is scarce on the Edge, Sandra decides that she wants to go home. She declares that she is done all she can do and does not need to limit herself to having one tiny scoop of rice per day. Sandra says her goodbyes and leaves. She is the first player this season to quit the show. And she may not be the last because it seems like fellow Edge of Extinction castaway Ethan Zohn was also considering throwing in the towel.

Tensions Were Rising Over On The Dakal Tribe

Yul Kwon and Wendell Holland have a talk about the previous night’s tribal council. Yul feels like Wendell put a target on his own back. Wendell says that he respects Yul’s honesty. He also apologizes to ex-girlfriend Michele Fitzgerald for making her feel uncomfortable during the last tribal council. It quickly turns into bickering between the two and Wendell feels like Michele is trying to tell him what to do. Michele reveals that she gave Wendell one of the fire tokens that eliminated player Parvati Shallow gave to her. She now regrets that decision. Michele and Yul discuss Wendell’s defensiveness and contemplate voting him out at the next tribal council.

Lying Helps One Player Thrive On The Edge Of Extinction After Sandra’s Exit

We see a short clip from the Edge of Extinction where the players are given another challenge. Four fire tokes are hidden somewhere on the island and the players need to find as many as they can. Tyson Apostol finds one almost immediately and shows the others what it looks like. Boston Rob Mariano tricks everybody and says he has not found any. He makes everyone empty their pockets to show that they have not found any fire tokens. It is then revealed to the audience that he is lying to the other players including his wife, Amber. He actually found the other three fire tokens within the mountains and the trees of the island.

Over on the Yara tribe, Adam is convinced that Sarah has a hidden immunity idol. Sarah insists that she doesn’t have it and they head off to the immunity challenge.

The Immunity Challenge Results Came Down To A Matter Of Seconds

Michele immediately trips and takes a bad fall when the immunity challenge starts. She gets right back up after saying that she is okay. The players must carry a giant saucer over a balance beam and fill it with water. They have to carry the heavy saucer over to a well and dump the water into the well. Once the well is full they then get a bag of puzzle pieces that they must put together. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from tribal council.

As you can imagine, the water spills out of the saucer as each tribe is trying to transport it over their balance beams. Dakal is in the early lead. However, they do not have enough water to fill the well. They must go back and fill the saucer a second time. Yara shockingly has enough water to fill the well on their first try. They start on the puzzle. Dakal and Sele then fill their wells and get their puzzle pieces at the same time.

Wendell keeps getting scolded by Michele dring the challenge for making cocky comments to host Jeff Probst. Sophie Clarke and Ben Driebergen finish the puzzle quickly for the Yara tribe. They win they win the first immunity and are safe from tribal council. The second immunity was still up for grabs. It is a nail biter as both Dekal and Sele have the same amount of puzzle pieces that are correctly placed. They each have one piece left. Jeremy Collins and Denise Stapley shockingly complete the puzzle and win immunity for the Sele tribe. The Dakal tribe will be going to tribal council where someone will be voted out and sent to the Edge of Extinction.

The Dakal Tribe Discusses Voting Out Wendell

Michele contemplates getting rid of Wendell before tribal council. At tribal council, Michele reiterates that she thinks Wendell only cares about himself. It seems like the players are fed up with the way Wendell acts. Shockingly enough when the votes are read, it is Yul who is voted out. He definitely did not see it coming. On his way out, he wielded his fire tokens to Sophie and Sarah.

Next week’s episode of Survivor teases the merge we have all been waiting for. Everyone will join together on one tribe and it seems like nobody knows who the main target will be.

What did you think about tonight’s explosive Survivor episode? Were you shocked that Sandra decided to exit the game? Tune in next week to see how the merge affects the alliances that formed in the game.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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