‘Survivor’ Recap: Double Tribal Council Sends Home Two BIGGEST Power Players

Samantha Agate
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After last week’s dramatic blindside at tribal council, many of the older Survivor players began to worry about how the game was going to change. Two tribes ended up going to tribal council this week and two iconic veteran players ended up getting voted out. Keep reading to hear about the two explosive tribal councils and find out which two players were sent to The Edge of Extinction.

Contestant Adam Klein declared “the wicked with is dead,” at the beginning of the episode, referencing contestant Boston Rob Mariano’s elimination in the last episode. Adam went on to say he feels like he is still on the outs with his tribe.

A New Challenge Arrives On The Edge Of Extinction

Boston Rob arrives at The Edge of Extinction where he joins his wife Amber and other exiled players who are all vying for a chance to get back into the game. They are given the challenge to find a secret advantage that is hidden somewhere on the island.


Tyson Apostol finds the advantage which turns out to be an idol nullifier. It can take power away from a hidden immunity idol. He has to give it to a player that is left in the game. He yields it to Parvarti Shallow who in turn gave him a fire token. Tyson uses his fire token to buy a huge jar of peanut butter and ate a good portion of it. He explains that he bought it to help give him the strength he needs to win future challenges on The Edge of Extinction.

It Is Revealed That Only One Tribe Will Win Immunity And Be Safe From Tribal Council

Host Jeff Probst revealed that only the first tribe that finishes the immunity challenge is safe this week and wins peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The two other losing tribes are going to tribal council. The contestants have to swim from a platform to a boat and transport three giant bags of rice. The Sele tribe takes the early lead. They climb over a gate and bring the bags of rice to the shore. Yul Kwon quickly opens up the bags to look for the three balls that are needed to complete the maze portion of the challenge.

It is ultimately Wendell Holland who finds the balls first for the Sele tribe. The Dekal tribe continues to struggle to find the balls. The tribes then have to work on a small maze using their three balls. It is Jeremy Collins, Sophie Clarke and Nick Wilson who initially begin working on the mazes for their tribes. The tribes are neck and neck, each landing two balls in their mazes. But in the end, it was Sophie who landed the third and final ball in the maze for Yara. They win immunity and are safe from tribal council. They also win peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the whole tribe.

The Sele Tribe Fights Over Who They Want To Vote Out

For the Sele tribe, Wendell devises a plan to vote out Parvarti. Ex’s Michele and Wendell get into a disagreement about voting out Parvarti. Wendell then goes to talk to Parvarti which prompts another disagreement. This causes Parvarti to want to vote out Wendell. Nick wrestles with the idea of voting out Wendell because they have a good bond.


The Dekal Tribe Wants To Vote Out Someone Who Is Not A Threat

Over at Dakal, Kim Spradlin takes the blame for losing the challenge. Tony Vlachos has concerns that Sandra is going to flip on him. He builds a “spy bunker” in the forest to hide and lurk on the other player’s conversations. Jeremy is worried that he and Denise Stapley are in trouble, but he has a secret advantage that he contemplates using at tribal council. Everyone realizes that Tony is missing and start getting suspicious. Tony pops out of his bunker and declares that he is “stressing.” The tribe agrees to vote out Denise. Sandra Diaz-Twine tells Denise of the plan to vote her out. Sandra says she will give Denise a hidden immunity idol if Denise gives her two fire tokens. Denise considers Sandra’s deal as they head off to tribal council.


Who Went Home On The Sele Tribe?

Wendell gets defensive at tribal council and tells the tribe that he is being a hundred percent honest and real with everyone. Parvarti retorts and says that she thinks Wendell is being fake. They get into an argument at tribal council with Michele not willing to take either side. In the end, the votes were split between Wendell and Parvarti but it was Parvarti that was sent packing.

Who Went Home On The Dekal Tribe?

At tribal council, Jeremy explains that he feels like he and Denise are in the minority on the tribe. He says he just wants the tribe to stay strong. Denise plays an idol for herself so she cannot be voted out. She also plays a second Idol for Jeremy so he is safe as well, revealing that she accepted Sandra’s deal. Denise receives four votes but they do not count because of the idol she played. The final vote was for Sandra and therefore Sandra was sent packing. The entire tribe was extremely shocked at Denise’s gameplay.

Paravarti and Sandra head to the Edge of Extinction. On their way out, Parvarti wielded her fire token to Michele and Sandra gave hers to Yul. Find out how they do on the Edge of Extinction in next week’s episode.

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