Where Exactly Do ‘Survivor’ Contestants Poop? The Burning Question ANSWERED!

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Where Exactly Do 'Survivor' Contestants Poop? The Burning Question That Everyone Wants To KnowCBS

With the three hour finale of Survivor: Winners at War tonight, there is probably one huge question on everyone’s minds. Just where exactly do the contestants poop? We never get to hear it being talked about it on the show, so people are naturally curious about what it’s like to go number two in the middle of the jungle.


The ‘Survivor’ Contestants Are Keen On “Aqua Dumping”

Being on an island with no toilet paper or toilets for that matter is truly a new experience for Survivor contestants. A lot of the contestants just tend to swim out to the middle of the ocean and do their business. This is called “aqua dumping.” It seems like the most indiscrete way to poop without making it too obvious. Elaine Stott from season 39, Island of the Idols said that going in the water was a lot less messy in an interview with Men’s Health. But, she did say that there was one downside to this as she experienced a wave crashing into her while she was pooping. It nearly swept her away along with her pants. “I’m sure it was a sight to see, my bare a** rolling around in the waves trying not to drown,” she said.


Picturing this moment of Elaine’s aqua dumping struggle sounds hilarious but also terrifying at the same time. Talent Recap’s very own resident Survivor Lauren Ashley Beck said, “we had an area called Rocky Point that was off-limits for the bathroom but we also fished there which is gross AF now that I think about it.”

Lauren went on to say that the contestants would use codes like T1 and T2 to signify that they had to go use the bathroom. But, by the end of the season, she would just hilariously say “I’m going to take an aqua dump.”

A Limited Diet Has A Lot To Do With The Contestants Bowel Movements

If you watch Survivor you know that food is scarce unless you win reward challenges. They are provided with a bag of rice which only rations out to about a cup of rice each day. They have to make use of their environment and fish for protein or eat the coconuts around them. If you win a reward challenge or are chosen to go on one, you get to indulge in things like fried chicken, cake and pizza. But, not everyone’s stomachs can handle going from completely empty to completely full. Contestant Wendell Holland said the food “ran right through” him. Going on reward challenges caused him to have to go to the bathroom way more.


For contestant Joe Del Campo, winning a reward challenge led to his demise. He ate so much steak during the reward that he actually could not go to the bathroom at all. This caused him tremendous pain and he even had to be medically evacuated from the show. Season 33 contestant Zeke Smith had the opposite problem. Zeke pooped so much that he accidentally slipped and stepped in it. “I just stepped in my poop and now it was on my sock and hem of my pant,” he told Men’s Health. How traumatizing does that sound? He confirmed that for contestants who do not prefer aqua dumping, they usually use leaves and grass to wipe themselves after.

The Infamous ‘Survivor’ Poop Incident

Survivor: One World contestant Tarzan is known for his erratic behavior on the show. He is notoriously known for boiling a pair of his pants in the camp pot. They seemed to have poop stains on the back of them but he insisted that it was dirt. His tribemates were appalled that he put his soiled pants in the pot. One of them even scurried off to say that she was going to go throw up. He infamously said, “If it’s boiling water you don’t have to worry even if it’s poop pants.” Having toilet paper definitely would have been beneficial in this situation. Tarzan definitely seemed a little guilty.

During Survivor Kaoh Ron, contestant Darnell Hamilton also had a bit of a pooping incident. While having a conversation with another contestant, he realized that he needed to use the bathroom. You can then see him out in the ocean dropping his draws and taking an aqua dump. Darnell insists he “went within the designated area” that the producers set for the contestants. It was just funny to see it play out on our television screens for the first time ever.

Would you be able to leave your precious toilet paper and porcelain thrones to aqua dump for $1 million?

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