Fan-Favorite ‘Survivor’ Star Shocks The World & Joins OnlyFans

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Survivor fans probably best remember Ozzy Lusth as being one of the most well-rounded players of all time. Everyone fell in love with him in all four of the seasons that he appeared on the show. But fans have also been shocked to find out that he has joined the adult site OnlyFans. He has not been shy about showing off his body to the world.

Four-Time ‘Survivor’ Player Ozzy Lusth Joins OnlyFans

The stud first appeared on Survivor: Cook Islands in 2006. He won five out of the season’s six individual Immunity Challenges. But in the end, did not receive enough votes to win the game after making it to the finale. He was a clear fan-favorite in the competition and was very likable amongst his tribemates. Ozzy was brought back to compete on Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites where he struck up a romantic relationship with contestant Amanda Kimmel. However, he was blindsided and went home with a Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket.

He returned to the franchise for the third time for Survivor: South Pacific in 2011. He was voted out three times over the course of the season but managed to battle his way back twice. It was Sophie Clarke who brought home the win, but Ozzy earned the Fan-Favorite award at the finale. Ozzy came back to play for the fourth time on Survivor: Game Changers where he was quickly ousted from the game for being a physical threat.


After appearing on the show four times, Ozzy announced he was starting an OnlyFans account for just $5 a month. “Have you heard the news…” he tweeted along with a teaser of his exclusive explicit content that he will be posting on the platform. Brice Izyah from Survivor: Cagayan replied “I’ve heard the news, Ozzzzzy.” Brice actually posted a YouTube video reviewing Ozzy’s OnlyFans account.

Fans Had Mixed Reactions To Ozzy’s Announcement

Ozzy has built up quite the following over the years after competing on Survivor. His followers had mixed opinions about him joining OnlyFans. “Good for you, man. Being a sex worker is honest work, and harder than people understand. I wish more men were as confident as you” wrote one fan. Another fan said she was going to report his tweets.

“Sorry for the shade you’re getting. Stigmas are hard to shake but sex work is work! And I’m sure you’re going to be a great role model for the community. Best of luck” wrote another fane. A more skeptical fan called him out for posting nude photos on Twitter since he has so many younger fans. Ozzy remains unphased and even asked if any of his followers would want to shoot content with him.

“What! There’s no way this is the real Ozzy Lusth from Survivor. I mean everyone enjoys porn – but to throw that out there!” wrote another fan in disbelief.


Even before he appeared on Survivor, Ozzy was a part of Playboy TV’s show called Foursome. The episode was exactly how it sounds, with two men and two women engaging in a night full of pleasure.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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