Simon Cowell’s Possible Plans For Sharon Osbourne And Piers Morgan

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After Simon Cowell’s electric bike accident, fans have been waiting for his big return to ITV. The future of The X Factor is up in the air and ‘BGT’ was postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The question still remains about whether or not Simon will be reviving The X Factor or starting a new project in the UK.

Sinitta Reveals Simon Cowell’s Possible Plans For ‘The X Factor’

The X Factor host Dermot O’Leary spoke about the future of the show during an appearance on Sunday Brunch. He personally has “no idea” when the show would be back, but did say it “definitely” wouldn’t be next year. If the show comes back, the earliest we can expect it is sometime in 2022. He is also not certain if he would be asked back to host the show which has not aired a regular season since 2018.

Sinitta who previously appeared multiple times during the Judges Houses segment of The X Factor spoke about what Simon has been working on during the show’s indefinite hiatus. “I spoke to him and he says he’s working on a few things. I’m just waiting to hear what the state of play is” she told

It was recently announced that Simon would be joining The X Factor Israel as a judge.


She also hinted that if The X Factor did return to television, Simon might change up the format of the show. “He always liked to switch it up from year to year anyway,” she said. “Hopefully, he’s had all this time to give it a big refresh with lots of different ideas and using technology more.”

Simon and Sinitta are exes that have remained very close over the years. Check out the video below for the full scoop on their past relationship.

“Hopefully, we can do something,” she continued. “It would be so weird to have an entire year without having Simon on TV. Hopefully, they’ll buy America’s Got Talent or something and show it here – that’s really good.”

Simon Cowell’s Possible Plans For Sharon Osbourne And Piers Morgan

Despite all of this confusion surrounding the future of The X Factor, ‘AGT’ is set to make its return with Season 16 on NBC in June. Simon has fully recovered from his electric bike accident and six-hour surgery. He previously sat out of last season’s live shows to recover.

And if The X Factor ever does return to ITV, Sinitta thinks it will be awkward if former judge Sharon Osbourne asks to rejoin the show. Sharon recently was booted from The Talk after CBS conducted an investigation into racism claims and comments she made supporting Piers Morgan.

“I think Simon would be in a difficult position because he won’t stand for and he doesn’t support any form of racism,” Sinitta said. “He’s also friends with Harry and he’s also against bullying, so what is he going to do?”


“What can he do? I think it could be tricky for him if he were planning to work with them. I know it will be hard because he wants to stand up for what he believes in, but he’s also a very loyal friend” Sinitta added.


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