Simon Cowell Declares “America Does Not Have Talent” After Sethward’s Performance

Samantha Agate
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Is America’s Got Talent changing its name? After Sethward performed during the live shows, Simon Cowell decided the show should have a new name: America Does Not Have Talent. Sethward’s act was very bizarre which means it was very true to who he is as a performer. It just seriously confused the judges and the audience.

Sethward Confuses ‘AGT’ Judges with Weird Live Performance

Before Sethward took the stage, a charming interview package played. It was his usual serious side before unleashing the beast on stage. Ever since he was a little kid, Sethward always wanted to be a performer. He was hooked since the first time he saw AGT.

Sethward made the decision to follow his dreams and not stop. This is why he kept coming back after years of failed auditions. Now, he’s finally in the live shows and “the sky is the limit.” His AGT journey feels like he has been “climbing uphill.” He really thinks he could win the competition but the judges think otherwise.

Sethward returned as a peacock for this performance tonight. It immediately became intriguing because he usually decides to portray different animals each time. He swung his tail-feather to “Peacock” by Katy Perry. Cowell had seen enough and decided to buzz the act.

Despite being buzzed, Sethward was unfazed. He asked the audience if they wanted to see him fly. He ran up the little staircase and out came pyrotechnics in the background. In true Sethward fashion, he fell down the staircase. He caught on fire and the crew hosed him down with a fire extinguisher. They pulled up a black curtain to reveal that he made a costume change.

Cowell Feels Like the Show Should Be Renamed

Sethward wore a red phoenix costume and was connected to a harness. Perry’s song “Rise” blared in the background. Sethward hovered above the stage and the judges have never looked more confused. Terry Crews asked Sofia Vergara what she thought of the performance. She was speechless and said that Sethward was making her very nervous. 

“It’s amazing how he is able to make nothing out of so much,” Howie Mandel chimed in. “For me, this is the ultimate promo. My documentary starts streaming tonight on Peacock.”

Heidi Klum called the act “confusing.” It did make her laugh but she wasn’t sure why. Klum is just happy to see Sethward in the live shows after all of these years. Cowell seemed not so happy. He ended off on a super savage note and called the routine “absolutely bloody awful.”

“And now we can officially call the show America Does Not Have Talent,” he said.

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