Sethward Auditions Again for ‘America’s Got Talent’ Dressed as a Flirty Peacock

Samantha Agate
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Sethward is one America’s Got Talent act that is determined to make it big. This is his fourth time back to audition for the show. In his pre-audition interview, Sethward acted like he was going to go down a more serious route this time that is different from his usual comedy act.

He said that he has grown a lot and was happy to find that he has a huge following of people from all over the world who love his act. Sethward decided to come back onto America’s Got Talent because this support gave him the confidence to try again. This time he wants to show the judges something a little bit different. He did just that…kind of.

Sethward Has the Judges Torn over Bizarre ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition

For his audition to end off the premiere, Sethward ascended down from the ceiling dressed as a peacock. Simon Cowell was so confused and had no idea what was going on. Sethward began making peacock noises and Sofia Vergara started making peacock noises too. It was like they were flirting in peacock language. Finally, the judges realized that Sethward was underneath the mask and it wasn’t some stranger to the stage.

This all sounds exactly like a crazy episode of The Masked Singer. Sethward kept the peacock gimmick up the whole time. Cowell gave him a red buzzer before he even started his act. It was a combination of laughter and annoyance from the judges and the audience but the giant peacock persisted with his crazy routine.

Sethward has never met Vergara because he did not audition in Season 15. He asked her who she was and got very flirty with her. 

“Before I start, Sofia, do you want this?” he asked as he shook his feathers all around.

Vergara, who is literally the most gorgeous person in the world answered “no.” After that blatant rejection, Sethward started dancing and fell in the process. His tail fell off on stage during the act. There was just a whole lot of yelling on his end and from the judges. Heidi Klum gave him a red buzzer. He picked up his tail and made sure the feathers were sprawled out before he started dancing with it. Terry Crews thought it was the funniest thing in the whole world.

Sethward Tries to Fly During Strange Audition

Sethward announced that he was going to try to fly. The judges told him not to do it because they feared he would hurt himself. He screamed back at them as he climbed a rock that was perched up onto the stage and held onto a pair of feathered bird wings. He jumped down and flopped his wings around before hitting the stage super hard.

“He’s dead,” Simon declared when Sethward hit the ground. 

When Sethward finally scraped himself up off the floor, everyone was horrified to see he had a hole in his costume. He exposed the audience to his whole butt. This is not the first time he flashed the judges. Howie Mandel declared that it was his favorite act of the year. Sethward started crying after realizing that he ripped his pants. 

Vergara and Mandel both gave him a “yes.” Heidi asked the audience to help her decide and ultimately voted “yes.” Cowell hated the act, but said “yes” so that Sethward would leave the stage. For the first time ever, Sethward will be going through to the Judge Cuts.

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