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Pizza Man Nick Diesslin Serves Up Quirky Act on ‘America’s Got Talent’


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Nick Diesslin became Pizza Man when he was at a restaurant adding a few too many toppings to his pizza. He took a bite and developed this whole persona. He decided to bring his one of a kind act to America’s Got Talent Season 16. Hint: It involves a lot of dough!

Pizza Man Nick Diesslin Tosses Dough at Lightning Speed on ‘AGT’

Pizza Man asked Terry Crews if he ordered some pizza backstage. Crews told him that he isn’t really “doing carbs right now.” By the end of the act, Crew’s opinion about eating carbs completely changed.

The 29-year-old is a web developer by day and Pizza Man by night. He asked Howie Mandel to come join him up on stage. The pizza lover said that he saw Mandel the day before his audition but he did not have his super suit on. Pizza Man sprinkled some flour on the stage and began spinning pizza dough faster than the speed of light.

The coolest trick was when he transferred the dough from one shoulder to the next. Pizza Man instructed Mandel to throw him some more dough and he caught it in mid-air. He sat on the floor and began tossing each piece of dough in the air, catching them at the perfect times. He even tossed the dough over Mandel’s head. Simon Cowell was up out of his seat to applaud the act.

The crowd was chanting “Pizza Man” as he awaited the judges critiques. Heidi Klum suggested that next time, someone else can throw sauce and cheese for Pizza Man to catch. Simon Cowell “absolutely loved the audition” and named it as one of his favorites of the night.

Pizza Man got four slices of yes from the judges and was voted through to the next round of the competition. This act was one that shocked us. At first it seemed like it was a novelty act that was going to end badly. Instead, it was super fun and made us all crave pizza.

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