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Sergio Paolo Takes Juggling to a Whole New Level During ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition


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Sergio Paolo, a 24-year-old juggler from Chile, brought a whole new meaning to talent. His family is from Colombia, which instantly made him a fan of Sofia Vergara’s. Sergio has been juggling for 6 years and does it as a full time job. He is definitely one of the highlights of the entire episode with his awesome tricks.

Sergio Paolo Raises the Bar with Juggling Act on ‘AGT’

Sergio started off the act juggling three balls. He tore his sparkly jacket off and the judges prepared to see him completely bring something new to the table. Sergio began juggling a bunch of balls at once. He managed to do a backflip while doing so. It was astonishing.

He juggled his way onto a leveled platform. Sergio walked down the little staircase on the side of the platform while still juggling which was awesome. He started throwing the balls at the platform and they were bouncing back at him. He caught every single one. 

“I’m so proud that you have Colombian blood in you,” Vergara said after the performance.


Now, we’ve definitely seen a lot of juggling acts on AGT. More often than not, they are either boring or have something go completely wrong. Sergio’s act went off without a hitch. It was a shock to the judges and the audience for sure.

“It was way better than this kind of act that we’ve seen previously because juggling can be very boring,” Simon Cowell said.

Heidi Klum complemented how Sergio did it at “lightning speed.” We totally agree. It’s so evident that Sergio has been practicing his craft for years. It takes a true master to perfect the art of juggling. All of the judges voted him through to the next round of the competition. Hopefully, we’ll see him perform again in the Live Shows.

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