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Lamborghinis and Total Destruction on the Latest ‘LEGO Masters’

Lego Masters season 2Tom Griscom/FOX

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LEGO Masters returned with one fully-loaded episode after taking a break for the MLB All-Star game last week. The eight remaining teams had not one, but two car-themed building challenges. From building a LEGO Lamborghini from memory to a carnage-filled demolition derby, the builders put the pedal to the metal. If you’re a car enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the insane LEGO build that gets featured in this episode. We’ll just tell you the total brick count is only a fraction of its price.

For this week’s piston-pounding first challenge, host Will Arnett showed the teams a pre-assembled LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37. After giving them a chance to examine it closely, it shatters to pieces when Arnett “accidentally” sends it crashing to the ground. With only four hours, the teams had to build exact replicas from memory.

LEGO Lambos and Memory Lapses

In this challenge, all the teams were given the same LEGO Technic set used to build the model Lambo. Next and without instructions, they had to build the sports car kit after only getting a short glimpse of the completed version. All eight cars in the end took on their own shape.

To help judge accuracy, Arnett not only rebuilt the scale model. He also revealed the coolest thing ever made with LEGO: an actual Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 built with over 400,000 Technic pieces. With references ready, brick masters Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard determined that the twins Caleb and Jacob had the most accurate reconstruction. This gave the twins their first win in the competition and a big advantage going into the demolition derby.

Total Carnage at the ‘LEGO Masters’ Demolition Derby 

For the elimination challenge, the teams had six hours to build a remote control car. Unlike previous challenges, this one had two ways of getting to the top two. The brick masters would choose one team based on their car’s aesthetics and the other would have to win the derby. 

The teams all had different ideas of what might work best in the derby, but keeping looks in mind was an added challenge. After a stressful six hours of building and before smashing and crashing them to bits, it was time for the judges to decide which team had the most eye-catching build. Brother’s Mark and Steven’s zombie car had the best aesthetic, advancing them to the top two as a result.

Now came the fun part of smashing them up. All the cars went head to head in the arena with three ways to be eliminated. The cars could become immobilized, pushed out of the arena, or the judges could decide it’s taken too much damage. Caleb and Jacob won the advantage, which in this case meant they’d enter the battle 30 seconds after everyone else.

The destruction came quickly with parts flying off of cars at the first crash. The wreckage continued as one by one the cars continue to drop. It all came down to the friends Richard and Dave versus brothers Zack and Wayne. Despite making an almost indestructible car, Wayne drove over a tire and got stuck as a result. Richard moved quickly lining himself up for one final blow to win the derby and earn the other top spot. 

The Brick Masters: Who Was Eliminated?

After winning for aesthetics Mark and Steven are joined by Richard and Dave as the top two teams. Richard and Dave suffered minor damage and the unexpected strength of the build impressed the judges making them challenge winners for the second time.

Moms Susan and Jen were named a bottom team. Their tractor lacked storytelling and elements that made it more unique quickly fell off leaving it with a plain look. The devil was in the details for Susan and Jen and they were eliminated.

Catch the next episode of ‘LEGO Masters’ next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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