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Olivia Rodrigo Fans Find Hidden Extra Tracks On ‘GUTS’ Vinyl

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Olivia Rodrigo has once again captivated fans, this time by unveiling a delightful surprise hidden within the limited-edition vinyl pressings of her sophomore album, GUTS. Fans of the 20-year-old singer-songwriter were already buzzing with anticipation due to Rodrigo’s hints of surprises in her new album, and the recent finding has only amplified their excitement.

Olivia Rodrigo Fans Four Hidden Bonus Tracks on GUTS Vinyl Records

In an unexpected move reminiscent of an era when hidden tracks were a staple on CDs and LPs, Rodrigo has embedded secret songs on each variant of the GUTS vinyl. Dedicated fans have found these hidden gems, which follow the standard/streaming edition’s final track, “Teenage Dream,” and have added a new layer of appreciation to the album.

The hidden tracks include “Obsessed” on the red vinyl, “Scared of My Guitar” on the white vinyl, “Stranger” on the blue vinyl, and “Girl I’ve Always Been” on the purple vinyl. These hidden tracks sent shockwaves through the Rodrigo fanbase, as many were not expecting the surprise.

Social media platforms lit up with expressions of joy and excitement from fans who had stumbled upon these hidden musical treasures.

“Ok, but can we talk about how Olivia having different hidden tracks on each vinyl variant is such a cool thing?” One fan wrote on X, previously known as Twitter.

“Olivia having hidden tracks on the physical release makes my heart so happy.” Another fan wrote.

“So apparently each of Olivia’s vinyls has a hidden song at the end; the one I just heard is so good I need it on Spotify asap.” A third fan wrote.

Olivia Rodrigo Explains The Hidden Tracks

The existence of these hidden tracks first came to light when Rodrigo shared a retro-inspired infomercial on her YouTube page. The quirky video playfully marketed GUTS as the solution for moments when one’s gut feelings needed reassurance in matters of life and love.

As the 12-song GUTS tracklist scrolled across the screen, the video mysteriously glitched, briefly revealing the titles of the hidden songs. This clever marketing tactic added an element of surprise and intrigue for fans, further fueling their anticipation for the vinyl editions.

In an interview, Rodrigo shed some light on the process behind the hidden tracks. She mentioned that, while working on GUTS, she had recorded approximately 25 songs, leaving open the possibility of releasing some of them in the future. The careful curation of the album tracklist involved considerations like song intricacies and balance.

During the conversation, Rodrigo also expressed her love for the album’s opener, “All American Bitch.” She described it as one of her favorite songs that she had ever written. She emphasized how it showcased the essence of repressed anger and the feeling of being boxed in as a girl, a message she had been attempting to convey since the age of fifteen.

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