The Winner of ‘The Masked Singer’ Season Two is…

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The Masked Singer season two is over and we finally have a winner! With the Fox, Flamingo, and Rottweiler making it to the Finale, someone had to take home the Golden Mask.

Scroll down to see the winner and their identity. But WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

And the Winner of The Masked Singer is…the Fox!

Yes, with a season of epic performances under his belt, the Fox won it all. And after the Flamingo (who placed third) was revealed to be Adrienne Bailon from The Real and The Cheetah Girls, and the Rottweiler (who placed second) was revealed to be singer Chris Daughtry the Fox was unmasked last.

Watch his SHOCKING reveal below!

The Fox is revealed on The Masked Singer Finale

The Fox is…Wayne Brady!

Just as we predicted, the Fox was Wayne Brady. All the clues lined up perfectly to be him and you just can’t mistake that showmanship and voice. But the main clues that drove us to think it was Wayne Brady were all the nods to improv, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, his multiple Emmy awards, and his daughter. And in the end, we were right! (And I was right in guessing he’d win the Golden Mask!)
Fox performing “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton on The Masked Singer

The Fox’s Best Moments on The Masked Singer Season 2

The Fox brought his A-game all season with great performances every time he took the stage. My personal favorite performance from the Fox was “Tennessee Whiskey” because we finally got to hear him sing a stripped down song. There were no frills so he had a chance to shine. I really think that performance is what sealed his place in the Finale too. Leading up to it, this song made him stand out among the rest of the singers left.

But on the other hand, I also loved “Hey Look Ma, I Made It!” The upbeat songs were his strongest asset throughout the competition because he just had so much fun with them. He really dominated both sides of the competition, bring charisma and an amazing voice, which led to him becoming The Masked Singer winner! And, in my opinion, he deserved it.

The Masked Singer recap show and winner prediction after the Semifinals

Congratulations to Wayne Brady on the big win and the Golden Mask! The Masked Singer will be back for season three starting on February 2nd, after the Super Bowl.


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