Who Is The Rottweiler? ‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers And Predictions


One of the most shocking voices on The Masked Singer season 2 is the Rottweiler! He has a six pack, a fur-lined jacket, a backwards hat, and a big gold chain. And his raspy vocals impressed the judges and audience from the beginning! But who is the celebrity under the mask?

Here are the clues and performances from the Rottweiler so far.

The Rottweiler singing “Maneater” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Clues On ‘The Masked Singer’

The Rottweiler says “you gotta look your best” to perform your best before his first performance. He mentions “pigskin” and “Friday night lights,” leading the judges to think he’s a football player. A guy is seen catching a football in the background too. Then, the shot shifts to blue roses. He also mentioned blue roses in the Super Sneak Peek! The Rottweiler says he rose to fame “almost overnight” and shows a “Fantasy Champion” championship ring. He chose the Rottweiler because he was bitten by one as a kid and wants to prove it’s “not over” for him. He mentions he has a “wait and see” attitude.

Popular Guesses On ‘The Masked Singer’

Robin guessed Russell Wilson based on his height. He also guessed Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. Jenny said Nick Lachey, though the other judges point out that Nick is taller. Ken guessed J.C. Chasez. Nicole commented that he had the style of Bruno Mars at times! Online, the most popular predictions were Bow Wow, Chris Daughtry, Robbie Williams, and Scott Porter.

Our Prediction And Possible Spoilers

From what we’ve seen so far, our prediction for the Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry. He talks about football a lot and Chris played football growing up. But the fact that he focuses so much on it could either mean that this is a diversion or that he actually is a football player and we’re wrong. Could be either, honestly! Chris’s career in music really started when he quit football to pursue music in high school though. That would also explain the “Fantasy Champion” ring. The blue rose clues tie in to Chris Daughtry’s tattoo on his arm. He said he rose to fame “almost overnight,” which could be alluding to his run on American Idol jump-starting his career. Finally, the Rottweiler said he has a “wait and see” attitude and mentioned it’s “not over” for him, which references two of his biggest singles, “Waiting for Superman” and “It’s Not Over.”

‘The Masked Singer’ has captivated America, and it isn’t hard to see why. The elaborate costumes, the performances, and the big mystery behind the identities of its celebrity competitors had America invested and committed to finding out who each contestant really is. With that said, here are all the reveals from Season 1.

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Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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