Who Is The Fox? ‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers And Predictions

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The Masked Singer season 2 has upped its game in singing talent and guessing difficulty. And there is no better example of that than the Fox! His smooth vocals and commanding stage presence make him a fan favorite. But which celebrity is under the mask?

Here are the clues and predictions for the Fox so far!

The Fox singing “This Love” on The Masked Singer

Clues On The Masked Singer

The Fox’s first clue package looked like a comic book throughout. It starts with him telling a “bedtime story” to his a younger, female fox. A panda stuffed animal is also seen in the shot. He says he does his “best work at night” and “dabbles in many different genres.” The Fox specifically mentions Doogie and Doubtfire as people he’s worked with. There’s a shot of a fox standing in front of three stools that they focus on. He’s “lived two different lives,” his on-air superhero persona and the real him. The Fox is seen watching a rocket on TV. What makes him the Fox is that he’s “quick, refuses to be caged in, and crafty.”

Popular Guesses for the Fox

Jenny guessed Wesley Snipes or Leslie Odom Jr., noting she thinks it might be someone from Broadway. Nicole guessed Anthony Mackie from his role in Marvel movies. Then, it goes over to Ken who looks “perplexed.” He guesses Tyrese Gibson and, after a final hint, Jamie Foxx.

Our Prediction & Possible Spoilers

The Fox was not who we expected before his first performance! But with all the clues, we have to predict that the Fox is…Wayne Brady! Yes, after speculation he could be in a few other costumes, we believe this is finally him. For real.

And the clues back up our guess! First of all, the Fox is seen reading a bedtime story to a younger, female fox. Wayne Brady has one daughter so that would make sense! He says he “does his best work at night,” which could be alluding to his appearances on many primetime TV shows and Broadway shows. His “dabbling in different genres” alludes to the fact that he’s done TV, movies, Broadway, singing, and comedy. The Doogie and Doubtfire clues also lead us to Wayne Brady, because he had a role in How I Met Your Mother with Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie) and Robin Williams (Doubtfire) was on Whose Line Is It Anyway? before with him. The shot of a fox standing in front of three stools is also referencing Whose Line…? and its famous set featuring stools.

Now, while Wayne Brady hasn’t played a superhero, he is a big comic book fan. In fact, he and his Let’s Make a Deal co-host wrote one together! And we know he can sing because he’s had roles in both Kinky Boots and Hamilton. Surprisingly, the judges weren’t far off this time! So that covers just about all the clues we’ve seen up until now.

The Masked Singer Clues/Reveals

‘The Masked Singer’ has captivated America, and it isn’t hard to see why. The elaborate costumes, the performances, and the big mystery behind the identities of its celebrity competitors had America invested and committed to finding out who each contestant really is. With that said, here are all the reveals from Season 1.

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Kyle Montplaisir
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